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A Tale of Tom Turkey by Steve Bayley

The alarm went off at 4:30, and I woke up and got dressed. Some guys pulled in and parked near me. They headed up the trail and I followed about 15 minutes behind them. After a while I caught up to them. I told them that since we were the only people hunting this mountain today, we should make sure we did not both try to hunt the same place. I said I wanted to hunt down the south ridge. They replied that was where they wanted to hunt. So I said I would hunt on south ridge, but on the other side of the creek. They said that the previous week some other hunter called in a turkey and they heard every gobble it made until the guy shot it.

I found my spot to cross the creek in the dark without getting lost, most unusual. I have contemplated purchasing a GPS so I can find my way through the poison oak thickets without getting lost! I even found my wading stick that I stashed and use most years (I don’t get to use it when I get lost). I crossed the creek and set up along the edge of a hillside meadow. I figured a turkey might come through the thick stuff along the creek. Read the rest of this entry »


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Strut Your Stuff

“Here is a big Tom Turkey strutting his stuff and then demonstrating how small his brain is by trying to pick a fight with my truck bumper.”

-K. Stafford

This great video was sent to us from the Stafford’s in Colfax California, thanks guys!

If you have a similar video of a animal encounter you’d like to share leave a comment below.


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