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Tips for a Successful Winter Hike

Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your winter hiking experience a bit more enjoyable. Staying warm, dry, hydrated and energetic are all important to having a safe and pleasant hike.

Tip 1
Dress in layers. Choose a number of clothing articles you can take off and put back on independently. Long johns make a great addition under your pants, a pair of waterproof pants are a lifesaver for those snowy hikes.  A tank-top or fitted t-shirt makes a great base layer, followed by a long sleeve or turtleneck, then a light jacket topped with a heavy jacket or a jacket topped with a windbreaker will all help you keep your body temp up and your skin warm and dry.

Tip 2

Remember to cover your head. A balaclava¬† is perfect for keeping nose and ears protected from wind, snow and rain. A beanie or other insulated hat prevents heat loss from the head, which is a danger during longer winter hikes and key to staying warm. And don’t forget a good pair of gloves or mittens.

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