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Think Before You Teak! Caring For Your Teak Furniture

If you’re looking to purchase Teak Furniture there are a few things you need to know about Teak. Java Teak, better known as just Teak is a beautiful, dense, close-grained hardwood that is responsibly harvested from the rain forest. Teak contains high levels of resinous oils that make it naturally resistant to moisture, repellent to insects and impervious to the harsh effects of weather. One of its most unique qualities  is the silica it contains. Silica provides a sand-like component which creates a density to the wood allowing it to be resistant to fungal decay, water, rotting, warping, shrinking, and swelling, this element allows it to survive the constantly changing rain forest conditions. Teak stands in a class of its own with its superior durability, elegance and low maintenance making it a class “A” material for furniture construction, especially outdoor furniture.

Teak is the one material that gets better with age and wear. Starting fresh out of the factory with a rich honey glow teak will slowly fade into a silver-gray patina over the course of about 9-months. This change does not affect the durability or structure of the wood at all. If you prefer that fresh out of the factory look there are a couple things you can do to keep that warm honey radiance. First you will need to sand your teak furniture regularly. After you sand it you can apply Teak Oil found at any local hardware store to prolong the time between sandings. If you do apply teak oil follow the directions on the container or apply every 3 months. This maintenance does not affect the life expectancy of teak it simply affects the look. Weathered and worn teak will last for years treated or untreated. It is not recommended to stain or paint teak. Due to the oils in the wood, stain and paint will not stick correctly and stain is a permanent color that takes lots and lots of sanding to even begin to remove. Teak holds a lot of natural beauty, let it shine.

Have any more questions about caring for teak or any other type of furniture? Leave a comment below and we will find the answer.


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