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Living Off The Grid- Appliances

When it comes to choosing appliances for your off-grid home there are several things to consider. One is your location. If you are completely reliant on natural resources, choosing appliances is a larger decision than those that live off-grid within city limits. When you live on an off-grid solar power system you have to select appliances based on the kilowatts your system can take on. Now a days we hear about “energy star” appliances. These are appliances that draw a low amount of energy which is a match made in heaven for off-grid homesteads.

Gas appliances are a great way to save on the draw from your solar power, but not every place allows easy access for gas trucks to deliver propane. Many solar friendly appliances and green appliances are not friendly to off-grid living. Instant hot water heaters though great, can become easily clogged when fed by well water. If this is something you desire be sure to install a heavy-duty filtration system. Solar hot water is a great way to take some of the workload off of your traditional water heater. With so many options to choose from we recommend doing research before you buy.

Running your entire home off the sun’s natural energy can give you a great feeling of freedom. Freedom from power outages, freedom from flexing your use during the day and of course from giving your hard earned money away every month and not knowing what the bill will be. Yes, solar systems are a large expense up front, but they quickly pay for themselves all while giving you the freedom to live anywhere.

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Living Off the Grid- Building Materials

When it comes to the construction of your off-grid home, the materials you choose are up to you. There are several ways to go about choosing materials and it all comes down to how much you want to spend and in some cases how “green” you want to be. We say “green” because many people choose to live off grid in hope of diminishing their personal eco-footprint (their negative effect on the planet). Just like the story of the three little pigs some common material choices are wood, brick and yes even straw. You may be thinking how and why in the world would I want my home to be made of straw. It can’t be durable nor water tight….

Strawbale construction has become very popular in the green living and off-grid living world. No, you won’t have a grass hut. This means of construction involves bales of tightly bound straw that is stacked like brinks to form your walls. It can them be covered with stucco and no one is the wiser. Plus it’s a great means of insulation.

If straw is not for you than traditional wood or brick construction may be the way to go. This is where you can decode to take a green path. Wood that is untreated provides a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. When you take out the harsh chemical treatments that are applied to most woods, you take out the harmful off-gassing. Instead of … Read the rest of this entry »


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Modern Day Cabins

The New York Times had a great article about modern day cabins. “Across the country, cabins are being reimagined in sustainable yet stylish ways. Some combine industrial materials like mesh, oxidized steel and concrete with traditional wood. Others employ reclaimed or recycled material to stay eco-friendly and keep costs down…And despite the advances in design, cabin owners want the same thing they always did: a place that provides an escape into the natural world.”

As we move forward into an age of technology and the strive for sustainability blossoms, home owners are taking the necessary steps to be sure that their homes work with the planet, and cabin owners are no different. Those who live amongst the outdoors are not just building a home in the outdoors, they are building them for the outdoors. The Hamilton’s took their time as they chose materials for their home that were good for them, and the environment.

To read more about one couple’s strive to create the home of their dreams click here.


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