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Snow sleds and Tobbagans

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were in the winter on a sled or tobbagan.  With winter fast approaching, make sure your kids, or nieces, or cousins are introduced to the joys of sledding. There are a few factors that go into the perfect sled ride. First, you need to find a great hill that slopes downward.  Climbing up with the sled can be exhausting, but the more tired you are with the climb up, the more

rewarding you know it will be on the way down.  Second, you need a great, quality sled. The perfect sled can help you go faster, and have more control so you won’t get stuck in the bushes.

One of our favorite sleds for the winter is the Bambino Grande Sled. The elegantly crafted Bambino Grande pull sled is a child’s perfect introduction to winter. The cozy pull sled is designed to excel in powder and on bumpy snow as well as hard-packed snow. With a custom-molded bottom of high-quality slippery plastic, it glides along with ease while its wide stance keeps it stable. Meets all ASTM and USC child safety criteria.

Once you’ve made it to the top of the hill in your favorite sled, you’re ready to slide down on a blissful and exhilirating ride!

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