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Venison Steaks- Tips and Tricks

Last week we cooked Venison for dinner at our home.

Venison steaks, to be precise.

I thought I would give you a short synopsis of how I prepared it, and things I’ve learned in preparation and serving.

One of the Most Important things to remember about Any Wild Game, is it is harvested from the wilderness and you need to be careful with handling, cooking and consuming it. There is no one to look at your meat, to approve it fit to eat, other than Yourself. From the moment any animal is killed, it begins decaying- the meat begins to decompose. Be sure that your meat is kept clean and free from debris, waste or contaminants. Keep your meat chilled as much as practically possible from the moment it is taken from the animal to the moment preparation begins. If you are unsure about the quality of your meat at any time, dispose of it. Foodborne illness is no laughing matter.

If you meat is frozen, thaw it in your refrigerator– not in the sink, on the counter, or in the microwave. This will break down the meat, and the Game flavors contained in the fat will permeate the flesh if you thaw it quickly. Also- Read the rest of this entry »


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