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See What’s New and Exciting in Rustic Cabin Bedding and Bath

I am investing in some new rustic cabin bedding for this Fall.  Also, I am buying some new rustic bathroom accessories that I am in need of before the family members come back to the cabin.  I used the 20SALE coupon code. Use yours before its gone! 


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Look What’s New at Rocky Mountain Decor!

Finding the right decorations and bedding for a bedroom can be a difficult task. If your house happens to be located in a rural area or country area, you might choose to make life easy and draw inspiration from nature when you are decorating. Rustic bedding decor could be a great way to imbue your bedroom with some of the flavor and characteristics of the great outdoors. Such a style is ideal for cabins, lodges, and country homes but could also make for a viable option even if you are living in the city. Regardless of your location, the rustic style is a great one to explore if you are interested in the idea of creating an interior space that is comfortable, inviting, and evocative of natural beauty. 


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Rustic Furniture Video

Really cool, stop motion animation of a rustic stool being built.

Someone left a comment on the original video, noting that he slowed the video down and noticed that not a single nail or screw was used to build the stool.


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Alone in the Wilderness

I found this video on YouTube. I came across this video years ago on public television and I remember I was completely immersed. The video chronicles the adventures of Dick Proenneke.

At the age of 50 Dick decided to “retire” to the high mountains of Alaska. The video shows him chopping down and peeling trees and using nothing but hand tools to build a cabin. The video features some amazing carpentry skills, hard work and a true craftsman.

Dick’s retirement in his cabin lasted 30 years. He left his cabin to the National Park Service and it remains today as a popular visitor attraction in the still-remote Twin Lakes region.


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