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John Oliver Cabin

I just stumbled upon this great, rustic cabin photo on Flickr.  This is one of over 70 historic buildings in the smoky mountains. This is the John Oliver Cabin. It can be reached through the scenic loop road at Cades Cove.

The cabin remained in the Oliver  family until the park was established.  The cabin contains no pegs or nails because gravity locks the beams together. The open spaces between the logs (chinks) were filled with mud to seal out the rain and wind. The small windows and doors conserved heat and help maintain the building’s strength.


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Amazing Cabin Photo taken in Meraker, Norway

I just stumbled upon this very impressive photo on Flickr. It features a rustic cabin with an amazing view. The cabin is located in Meraker Norway. Click on the image to see the larger version. The sun contrasting with the clouds and the snow on the roof of the cabin…  very  nice photograph.

Some interesting facts about cabin living in Norway… From late May to late July the sun never completely sets in areas of the North.  From late November to late January, in the North,  the sun never rises above the horizon.  So you have periods of amazing scenery (like this image) to months of darkness.


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