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A Rustic Affair: Rustic Centerpieces

Centerpieces are typically the area of your wedding where you can be the most creative and add the most rustic style. From wildflowers in mason jars to pillar candles on birch wood or baskets filled with fruit or pinecones, the centerpiece provides endless possibilities for an imaginative bride.

While nearly anything can be made into a stunning centerpiece, there are some tips to keep the tables looking stunning and comfortable for your guests. Avoid flower arrangements or centerpieces that are too difficult to see over. If you would like a tall arrangement try thinner vases with the bulk of the arrangement above eye level.

It is also important to keep the table uncluttered; too many candles, flowers, and accent pieces can leave little room for your guests and their belongings.

And finally dedicate plenty of time to designing your centerpiece. There are so many options out there and planning can become overwhelming; make sure you are not rushed to make decisions to ensure you have the centerpiece that fits your wedding’s unique rustic style.

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A Rustic Affair Part 2: The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most significant and sacred part of your special day and, as such, should be filled with beautiful details that show off your rustic style and elegance.

One stunning way brides are transforming their ceremony space into a rustic scene is by creating unique and stylish alters. Branches, twigs, birch logs and aged barnwood can all be constructed to create a simple and handsome place for you and your fiancé to say your vows. Once the structure is completed and sturdy, add delicate flowers and flowing fabrics to finish the rustic alter space.

Rustic aisle details are another way to show your style and add unique touches throughout your wedding day. Some of the ideas we love are pictured here and include lining the aisle with birch trunks topped with candles, placing lanterns down the walk way, tying golden grasses onto aisle chairs, and scattering lush leaves down the aisle. You can also define the aisle space and add rustic elegance by placing wine barrels at the end of the walkway and topping them with flower arrangements.

And finally, don’t miss an opportunity to add rustic touches to the actual ceremony. The lighting of unity candles has become very popular among brides and grooms, but you can twist this mainstream ritual into a rustic event. These Birch Bark Pillar Candles are the perfect alternative to simple white candlesticks and will look wonderful displayed in your rustic home for many years to come.

Stay tuned for Part Three: Wedding Stationary

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