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Coffee- In Your Cup and On The Go

As one of the most traded agricultural products on the planet, coffee is the beverage of choice and is the most-consumed drink in the world. Coffee is a great and easy beverage to pack on any outdoor adventure! For me there is nothing better than a hot cup-of-joe on a cool mountain morning. Now that you can buy instant coffee brewed by the largest chain of coffee stores known to man, it is now even easier to take on the go. Individual cups can be brewed within minutes with the addition of hot water. These little packets of caffeine have proved to be perfect during camping trips, especially when you’re backpacking in several miles and the contents of your pack are limited. As a girl I am already hassled on the number of items I require so this is a great way to sneak in my pick me up without taking up a lot of additional space. Now instead of taking along tins of coffee and a pot to brew it in, I know pack these single serving packets, smaller then a lipstick tube, and a cup, and I instantly can enjoy the same coffee I get every morning before work.

Originating in Ethiopia, coffee was introduced as a beverage during the 15th century. As it spread across Europe coffee became banned in several countries over the years. It was first used in religious ceremonies and thus ban in the secular world by many Muslim groups. Coffee has come a long way in the world over the years and has now become the chief export for many Southern regions in the fair market trade. Coffee beans need a certain climate to successfully mature and the plant is often grown in a greenhouse until the plant matures around 6-12 months. Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica are among the main sources for this popular drink. Learn more about Coffee and it’s origin right here. And if you’re looking for some great mugs to enjoy your morning brew check out our wide selection of coffee cups and mugs at Rocky Mountain Decor.


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