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Living Off the Grid: A Guide To Self Sufficient Living

What does it mean to live “off-grid”? Living off-grid means that you are completely self sufficient and do not depend on resources like city sewer, power and water, you have to create your own resources.  In this series of Living Off the Grid we will talk about the many tips, tricks and know how for building a home and successfully living off grid.

There are many things to take into consideration if living off-grid sounds like a great idea to you. Like everything there are positives and negatives; and for some negatives aren’t so negative and positives aren’t that great. Having to find your own water source, installing a septic tank and either designing your home to utilize natural light and heat or incorporating solar panels aren’t the easiest nor most inexpensive feats.

If the following sounds like some of the things you would like to take on then off-grid living or a rural homestead may in fact be for you.

  • Gardening vs. buying produce at the store.
  • Living in a green, or sustainably built home.
  • Composting.
  • Producing energy via alternative methods.
  • Making your own bio-fuel.
  • Cutting out extras (four TVs for example).
  • Making homemade cleaners.
  • Collecting water via a rain barrel.
  • Raising your own food – i.e. chickens.

Living off-grid is a great opportunity to “live green”, and the perfect chance to live with your environment creating a healthy and happy place to be. Though living “green” may seem like a fad to most, it is in fact a great way to live and can be a necessity to those that live outsode of the city and it’s urban areas. You can choose to make your home of “green” materials  or incorporate green and regular building materials. You can make your homestead Passive solar or Active solar meaning you can either use natural sources for light, heat and ventilation or mechanical. Utilizing solar panels can be a large investment up front but they save you bundles down the road as they produce your lighting, heating, cooling and heat your water. Green living allows you to depend less on “the man” and more upon the earth.

Stay Tuned For Living Off the Grid: Choosing Property


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