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Modern Day Cabins

The New York Times had a great article about modern day cabins. “Across the country, cabins are being reimagined in sustainable yet stylish ways. Some combine industrial materials like mesh, oxidized steel and concrete with traditional wood. Others employ reclaimed or recycled material to stay eco-friendly and keep costs down…And despite the advances in design, cabin owners want the same thing they always did: a place that provides an escape into the natural world.”

As we move forward into an age of technology and the strive for sustainability blossoms, home owners are taking the necessary steps to be sure that their homes work with the planet, and cabin owners are no different. Those who live amongst the outdoors are not just building a home in the outdoors, they are building them for the outdoors. The Hamilton’s took their time as they chose materials for their home that were good for them, and the environment.

To read more about one couple’s strive to create the home of their dreams click here.


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