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Come tweet with us!

Check out our new Twitter account! @Rockymtdecor We will be posting new upcoming products and deals for the holiday season! So come check it out and follow us, we would love to have you along for the ride! We are now offering 20% off select products; check them out for all your rustic décor needs!



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Coming this November..New Products!

To our awesome fans, we have some brand new rustic decor products coming your way this month!  We can’t wait to reveal them on our website at  Here is a sneak preview of this month’s new products from our favorite current vendor OK Casting! We love the new designs! Hit the “Like” button if you do too! 


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Let’s Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Just the smallest accessories can make a big impact in the kitchen.  This fall, I made some new homey and rustic touches to my kitchen.  My family loves the new rustic pot rack that I bought from  It’s perfect! Check out for all kitchen needs!

Our Buyer is going shopping! Check out our sneak peak of new products next week on our Facebook page!





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Take a Look!

If the rustic style interests you, chances are that you might want to purchase some log cabin furniture. In addition to providing great usability and comfort, high quality log furniture could also give your living space an elegant visual appeal ambiance. This type of furniture usually isn’t flashy, but that doesn’t mean that a well-crafted item built from top of the line materials isn’t easily distinguishable as a thing of beauty. The rich Earth tones, rustic designs, and natural inspiration make log furniture an ideal fit for log cabin decor.  


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What is Cabin Decor?

Cabin decor is gaining momentum in recent years. More people are upgrading their cabins, this is true but many are also bringing the theme home and using it in their own homes, too. When you think about cabins you kind of get that rustic, relaxing escape feeling. Regardless of the spot that gives you that unique feeling, you will likely want to have exclusive cabin decor filling it. This can include many different ideas and concepts.

Some people like that western look and it does meet the criteria for being rustic indeed. Kind of the cowboy thing is ideal for some who choose to decorate with cowboy murals and accent pieces from that era. Boot shaped cactus planters with colors that are rich in browns and greens are usually a great way to finish off this type of room.

Big fur rugs by the fireplace, antlers mounted above, you cannot beat the feel of being taken to a completely new place. Hunting memorabilia fits in just perfectly. Add a lot of wood accents that look rugged and cedar log stools. There is a wide assortment of rustic and natural looking lighting, lamps, and sconces to add to your cabin decor.

Your rustic cabin decor does not have to be isolated to just one room in your cabin. The type of furniture that is available to create the perfect cabin is more than sufficient. Designing a cabin bedroom, look at the complete selection of armoires, beds, daybeds, chests, and dressers.

The living room is a very popular place to indulge in the most rustic of all looks. It is the room in your cabin that you probably want to show off the most because this is where everyone gathers. You will have no problem finding sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, rocking chairs and more that meet your needs precisely.

The same is true with bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, game rooms, kitchens, home office, and even some little goodies for your pets too. While you are at it, finish off your outside with a little added rustic touch too. Even the smallest things can add a world of difference. There are some very cool hallway and entryway pieces that synchronize all of your efforts for your rustic cabin design.

Think of the perfectly decorated rustic bathroom and the charm that it can bring to your cabin. There are so many items available to do just this and this is a style that you will cherish for years to come.

When your guests arrive they will not be able to believe what you have done with the place. It will feel homey and inviting. You will be the talk of those that love the rustic feeling that you managed to deliver.

Cabin Decor

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