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Dogs Love Rawhide, Even When It's Part Of Your Lamp!

Today our customer service department received a bit of a strange call…

Apparently Julie & David of Princeton Massachusetts came home to find their newly purchased SUA Wall Sconces from Rocky Mountain Cabin DecorĀ  devoured by Indie & Maggie their Labrador Retrievers. Though relieved that the pups had not consumed the antlers that made up the base of the lamp they had indeed dined on the rawhide lamp shades. Just a tip for those with animals when purchasing products that are made with rawhide, bone or hair on hide, these may all be things that appear appetizing to our four-legged friends. Here is a picture of the accomplices caught red pawed. All that remained was the metal supports. Thanks for the great story guys.

Indie & Maggie

Indie & Maggie love Rawhide...even on lamp shades


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