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How to Convince your Wife to Let you Hang your Antlers in the House

You’ve hunted the magnificent deer. You’ve got these amazing antlers that you’ve mounted and can’t wait to hang up in the middle of the living room because you’re so proud of your accomplishment.  Only, you have to get past your wife to hang them up.  Maybe she won’t notice if you hang them up while she’s gone to spin class.  WRONG.  She will notice, my friend. And she will not let you put your antler trophy up on the wall. But if  you’re sneaky, you can get a little antlers in your house. Here are some acceptable ways to get antler trophies in your house:

1. Frame it.  Get a great picture frame and frame your mount, so at least you still get to show your trophy off.

Fall Fever Picture Frame

2. Make them into a magazine rack. This can go in the living room and the bathroom. There should be no complaints on a piece like this.
antler magazine rack

3.Make it into a Wine Rack.  You know she loves wine. Just make sure you have it filled with her favorite before you put this addition into the house. You’re a shoe in with this one.
4 Bottle Faux Antler Wine Rack
4.Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Your wife, of course.  If you want to get any of your antler decor in the house, then this is a great addition.  Women love looking at themselves in the mirror.  They’ll be too blinded by their own beauty to notice the antlers on the mirror.
Lodgepole Framed Mirror with Antler Accents
5. Candle Holders.  Lure her in with the promise of a romantical dinner by candle light.
Antler Base Quad Candle Holder with Handcrafted Wrought Iron Cups
And if these tricks don’t work, make sure you have a garage to hang your antler mounts. Good luck, fellas.
Medium Antler Trophy Plaque at Rocky Mountain Decor

Click here for more ideas on antler decor.

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A Hunting Tool You May Not Be Aware Of

When it comes to hunting, every hunter dreams of taking that first shot and dropping his prey right then and there. But the reality is, not every shot made is a kill. Here is an easy way to help you on those long excursions to track down your wounded animal.

A spray bottle filled with Hydrogen Peroxide is a good tool to have when tracking down a wounded deer or other wild animal. When the blood gets sparse or to determine if it is actually blood you’re looking at, spray the Peroxide in the area in question. The Peroxide will foam up as it reacts with the blood leaving no doubt if you are on the right path to finding your deer. This acts as a great time saver when tracking down the animal is key to stopping it’s suffering. It also doubles as a cleansing agent for wounds you may encounter in the field. Peroxide is a cheap tool that can be easily added to your hunting pack and it can be found at any drug store as well as a small squirt bottle.

Happy Hunting!


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Reno Nevada- A Sportsman’s Shopping Mall

Living in California and being an avid California sportsman, I know
first-hand that it can be a challenge when it comes to shopping for
quality and diverse hunting & fishing equipment. Finding stores with wide
selections of brand-name hunting and fishing equipment, clothing and gear
exists, but is fairly limited and can require shoppers to travel a
significant distance. The California politics and Eco-fanatics have made
California user-unfriendly to responsible sportsmen in general, and
particularly unfriendly and obstructionist to business devoted to
supporting sportsmen & sportswomen . Not so with Reno Nevada.

My extended family has a place we share in Old Greenwood just outside of
Truckee California. I make it a point on nearly every visit there to hit
the sportsman’s shopping ‘hot spots’, and related very worthwhile events
that take place in Reno.

Shopping :
One of the first ‘big’ hunting-fishing-outdoors stores to establish
themselves in Reno is Sporstman’s Warehouse – “America’s Premier
Outfitter”, established in 2004. They are located at 3306 Kietzke Lane,
very near the Reno Convention Center, which can be important when deciding
upon and planning a weekend visit there. Read the rest of this entry »


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Big Game Antlers- a quick guide…

Antlers are awesome- from the wide antlers of Bull Moose, to the delicate branchlike growths of Caribou, no two are alike.  But can you tell the difference? Some people have a hard time remembering the difference between various types of antlers and their owners. Here’s a good way to remember- I use it all the time to teach my friends and family.

“Silent Waters” by John Seerey-Lester

Spread out your hands real wide and stick your thumbs on your temples, with you palms facing upward. That’s a Moose- with PALMATE antlers.

“On The Move” by George LaVanish

Now, move your outstretched hands to the top of your head, resting your wrists on the top of you head and your thumbs facing back. Curl your fingers like you’re holding a ball. That’s a Deer with their basket-like antler structure.

Whitetails and Mule Deer have Different antler structures-Whitetails have a single beam that arches over their head like a crown,whereas Muley’s branch upwards like a tree.

“Indian Summer” by Carl Brenders
Now, keep your hands spread wide and put your elbows against your ears. This resembles the single beam of Elk antlers that go back from the head and over the back. Your forearms represent the beam that the points extend from.

Remember these positions and you’ll be able to recall which animal owns which antlers- not to mention a neat way to teach folks about Big Game,  in a fashion they’ll never forget!

Interested in these paintings?  Purchase them in our Framed Prints Gallery!


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A Tale of Tom Turkey by Steve Bayley

The alarm went off at 4:30, and I woke up and got dressed. Some guys pulled in and parked near me. They headed up the trail and I followed about 15 minutes behind them. After a while I caught up to them. I told them that since we were the only people hunting this mountain today, we should make sure we did not both try to hunt the same place. I said I wanted to hunt down the south ridge. They replied that was where they wanted to hunt. So I said I would hunt on south ridge, but on the other side of the creek. They said that the previous week some other hunter called in a turkey and they heard every gobble it made until the guy shot it.

I found my spot to cross the creek in the dark without getting lost, most unusual. I have contemplated purchasing a GPS so I can find my way through the poison oak thickets without getting lost! I even found my wading stick that I stashed and use most years (I don’t get to use it when I get lost). I crossed the creek and set up along the edge of a hillside meadow. I figured a turkey might come through the thick stuff along the creek. Read the rest of this entry »


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