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Oh Deer, That’s My Stand!

Greg ventured to his favorite hunting spot to scope out a prime location for his deer stand the weekend before deer season was going to start. He found a choice tree and sent up camp so that when he returned the following weekend he wouldn’t have to fuss around in the wee hours of the morning and make unnecessary noise that may very well scare off his trophy buck.  He was all set and returned home dreaming of the coming weekend.

The week couldn’t have dragged on any slower, but finally it was Friday and it was a mere couple of hours before he set off on his hunt. The alarm clock went off at 5:00am that beautiful Saturday morning, perfect, that would put him back to his spot right at sunrise. When Greg arrived he parked the truck grabbed his gear and set off to the place he had marked out just days before. But when Greg arrived to his stand he found that someone else had found themselves right at home…..and no it wasn’t another hunter, so to speak.


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A Tale of Tom Turkey by Steve Bayley

The alarm went off at 4:30, and I woke up and got dressed. Some guys pulled in and parked near me. They headed up the trail and I followed about 15 minutes behind them. After a while I caught up to them. I told them that since we were the only people hunting this mountain today, we should make sure we did not both try to hunt the same place. I said I wanted to hunt down the south ridge. They replied that was where they wanted to hunt. So I said I would hunt on south ridge, but on the other side of the creek. They said that the previous week some other hunter called in a turkey and they heard every gobble it made until the guy shot it.

I found my spot to cross the creek in the dark without getting lost, most unusual. I have contemplated purchasing a GPS so I can find my way through the poison oak thickets without getting lost! I even found my wading stick that I stashed and use most years (I don’t get to use it when I get lost). I crossed the creek and set up along the edge of a hillside meadow. I figured a turkey might come through the thick stuff along the creek. Read the rest of this entry »


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