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10 Things Every Single Guy Should Buy for His Bathroom…and More

Our friends at Zen College Life have recently published this very funny, and very informative article about the 10 things a single guy should buy for his bathroom.

The article goes on to talk about how single men don’t realize there are OTHER people who will use thier bathroom as well ( um, like women ). At, we can either help you purchase some of your 10 things, or we can suggest some bathroom products to enhance them.

Number one on the list is toilet paper. Yes. You should absoltely have toilet paper stocked in your bathroom at all times. Not just when it’s running low. You should always have extras. But go one step forward and have a paper toilet holder. How about one that is rustic and eye catching? Search our toilet paper holder section:

Or here is one of our favorites that includes a magazine holder for some reading material.
Oak and Antler Wall Mount Magazine Rack

Number two on the list: Bathroom rug.  We’ve got your covered.  Or we’ve got your floor covered, but you get the point.

Try a nice neutral colored bathroom rug that is warm and cozy on your feet.  Your feet will thank you when you get out of the shower.

Classic Burl Collection - Rug at Rocky Mountain Decor.

Number five on the list is a trash can.  Does this really even need to be on the list? Of course you need a trash can for your bathroom. Check out our selection of rustic and western trash cans.

Or one of our favorites:

Birch Bark Wastepaper Basket

Number eight on the list is Candles.  Make your bathroom smell like the outdoors with this Prarie Dew Candle:

CLEARANCE Prairie Dew Scented Candle Assortment -BSCD-85342-D

Or you could go one step forward and get really fancy with rustic candle holders, bathroom sconces, or other lights for your bathroom.

Number nine says shower liner. But you should also have a shower curtain to match your new candles, trash basket, and toilet paper holder.

Check out one of our favorite shower curtains for your bathroom:

The Bear Country Shower Curtain. It’s manly enough, but the bears on it will tug the heart strings of your lady friend visitors. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Bear Country Shower Curtain

And last on the list of 10 things a single man must have in their bathroom is one piece of art. You don’t have to buy a picasso to have a functional piece of art in your bathroom. It doesn’t even need to be a picture or painting. Check out our wide selection of rustic art:

Elk's Song (Framed)

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Cow Elk Gives Birth Near Park Headquarters

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// Yellowstone National Park holds a summer elk population of over 30,000 and a winter population ranging between 15,000 and 22,000. Yellowstone is home to more elk than any other place in the world and these elk have been feasting this area for more than a thousand years. As fall approaches the cries of the mighty bull elk echo through the forest. It’s mating season and the biggest, loudest, strongest bull gets the females. By November the annual “rut” or mating season is over and then comes the wait for early summer. As the last of the snow melts, momma elk make themselves sparse as they find a quiet comfortable place to give birth to their young….but not every cow stays hidden during this special time.

Here we find a cow elk giving birth to her calf right next to the Administration building at Yellowstone National Park headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs!  You can see how wildlife and people can live together harmoniously.  This may be one of the few places in the Yellowstone area where a cow elk can safely have her calf without it being eaten immediately by a grizzly or a wolf!

What an amazing site!

Visit Yellowstone National Park on your next vacation!


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Big Game Antlers- a quick guide…

Antlers are awesome- from the wide antlers of Bull Moose, to the delicate branchlike growths of Caribou, no two are alike.  But can you tell the difference? Some people have a hard time remembering the difference between various types of antlers and their owners. Here’s a good way to remember- I use it all the time to teach my friends and family.

“Silent Waters” by John Seerey-Lester

Spread out your hands real wide and stick your thumbs on your temples, with you palms facing upward. That’s a Moose- with PALMATE antlers.

“On The Move” by George LaVanish

Now, move your outstretched hands to the top of your head, resting your wrists on the top of you head and your thumbs facing back. Curl your fingers like you’re holding a ball. That’s a Deer with their basket-like antler structure.

Whitetails and Mule Deer have Different antler structures-Whitetails have a single beam that arches over their head like a crown,whereas Muley’s branch upwards like a tree.

“Indian Summer” by Carl Brenders
Now, keep your hands spread wide and put your elbows against your ears. This resembles the single beam of Elk antlers that go back from the head and over the back. Your forearms represent the beam that the points extend from.

Remember these positions and you’ll be able to recall which animal owns which antlers- not to mention a neat way to teach folks about Big Game,  in a fashion they’ll never forget!

Interested in these paintings?  Purchase them in our Framed Prints Gallery!


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