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Thankfully This One Is Rare and Hard To Find

Poison Sumac! A woody plant that is found among wetlands is a rare sight to be seen and for good reason. With a range to grow up to 20-feet tall this is one plant that is best admired from a great distance or not at all. Similar to Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac contains an oil known as Urushiol that causes an allergic reaction and a rash of the skin.

Besides it’s size, poison sumac contains 7 to 13 leaflets on each leaf and they are oblong and taper to a point and the branches are smooth with no hairs. See image below. Poison Sumac lives mostly in the Eastern and Southern regions of the United States and stays in wet areas where its roots can stay in the water. Beware of this unfriendly tree, and be very careful if it is burning; smoke inhalation of burning Poison Sumac can cause severe respiratory irritation and can be fatal.


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