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Poison Ivy, Another Unfriendly Visitor

With the ability to grow up to 10-feet and the skills to climb trees, walls and fences, Poison Ivy could be lurking beneath your feet as it trails the ground awaiting a chance to cause you an allergic reaction. Unlike Poison Oak, Poison Ivy is poisonous from root to leaf. Every part of the plant is poisonous all year round. If you do come in contact with the plant, immediately wash all exposed areas, including your clothing, and get rid of any oils the plant has left behind. If you are able to wash the contaminated area within 5 minutes, you may be able to stop the irritating rash that follows.

The reaction someone gets when coming in contact with Poison Ivy can vary year to year. Beware- the oils from this plant can not only be transmitted by your clothing, but can also hang on pet fur and be carried in smoke if the plant is being burned. If you are burning an area of land where this plant grows DO NOT stand in the way of the smoke! By inhaling the smoke you can spread this rash into your respiratory system and cause serious problems.

The following are images of what Poison Ivy looks like and the common plants that it is confused with. Read the rest of this entry »


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