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Camping Cooking Tips

It’s that time of the year- the trees are full, the grass is green and the weather is beautiful. What better reason to go camping than to enjoy the outdoors and the scenic wonders of nature!

A camping trip can be so much more enjoyable when the details are planned ahead of time. The folks over at published an impressive list of camping ideas and tips.

Some of the ideas from the list  that really stood out to me include:

  • To keep warmer–wear a hat to sleep in–80% of heat loss occurs through your head.
  • Head lamps or snake lights hung around your neck can provide a hands-free light source.
  • Always bring a roll of duct tape. It can be used for MANY things!
  • Use a throw rug or a piece of outdoor carpet in front of your tent to reduce the amount of dirt tracked in.
  • Check with the campground about security and quiet hours. Be respectful of others.

See the full list of camping ideas and tips here.


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