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Hiking the Grand Canyon

“Grand Canyon National Park encompasses more than 1.2 million acres, the vast majority of which are inaccessible due to the predominance of cliffs and inhospitable to all but plants and animals able to survive in the desert. The Colorado River bisects the canyon; hikers can cross the river only at Phantom Ranch. If you choose to hike from rim to river to rim, you will have to deal with an elevation differential of more than 10,000 feet from start to finish.” Source:

We found this great video on YouTube.  The video provides the details you need to plan a successful hiking trip in the Grand Canyon- including  information about specific hiking trails as well as general hiking tips.


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How to Steer and Paddle a Canoe- Using a J Stroke

Calm water, warm weather, birds chirping and it’s just you, nature and your canoe. Nothing beats a day on the lake.

If you’ve never canoed, you’d probably be surprised to learn the technique that can be involved. For example there are several types of strokes:

  • Pry Stroke
  • Sweep Stroke
  • Draw Stroke
  • Reverse J Stroke
  • J Stroke

In this video, Bruce Lessels teaches the subtle but efficient J stroke for flatwater canoeing.

J-Stroke Directions:

This is a canoe paddling technique that will allow you to keep the paddle on one side of the boat, and steer the boat with the way you finish your stroke.

Start by reaching forward and pulling water. From there, about half way through your paddling stroke, twist the paddle and finish the stroke by pushing away from the stern or rear of the canoe. When you paddle from the right hand, you will pull the boat to the left. by pushing away from the stern of the boat, it will correct the boat direction and keep it going straight. The stroke looks like a J, thus called a j stroke.


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Strut Your Stuff

“Here is a big Tom Turkey strutting his stuff and then demonstrating how small his brain is by trying to pick a fight with my truck bumper.”

-K. Stafford

This great video was sent to us from the Stafford’s in Colfax California, thanks guys!

If you have a similar video of a animal encounter you’d like to share leave a comment below.


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How to Stain a Log Home in 6 Easy Steps

Bob Strosin from Golden Eagle Log Homes provides 6 easy steps to stain and caulk your log cabin.

The process starts by applying a diluted mix of bleach and water followed by a power-wash. After the logs dry for a few days they are noticeably whiter and clean- and in a perfect state for staining.

Thanks for the great tips Bob!

Do you have any cabin living tips to share? Please leave a comment below


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Camping Tips 101

This quick video lists the top items needed for camping. Some of the items are basic but the video has a few valuable tips.

Using the flashlight that straps to your head is a great tip. This allows you to keep both hands free while navigating your campsite at night.  This is also a great tip because your less likely to misplace your light if it’s attached to your head!

Please tell us your camping tips… leave a comment below.

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Alone in the Wilderness

I found this video on YouTube. I came across this video years ago on public television and I remember I was completely immersed. The video chronicles the adventures of Dick Proenneke.

At the age of 50 Dick decided to “retire” to the high mountains of Alaska. The video shows him chopping down and peeling trees and using nothing but hand tools to build a cabin. The video features some amazing carpentry skills, hard work and a true craftsman.

Dick’s retirement in his cabin lasted 30 years. He left his cabin to the National Park Service and it remains today as a popular visitor attraction in the still-remote Twin Lakes region.


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