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Camping That’s Not Exactly “Roughing It”

If your idea of camping is having a butler and all the amenities of home… The Resort at Paw’s Up in Greenough Montana, is the place for you! When you come camping at Paw’s Up your tent can include the following: A King size bed, en-suite master bathroom with heated floors and granite counters, a dining pavilion for everyone in your group with a fireplace and yes… even a butler! So the next time your spouse says “honey let’s go camping this summer…” you can reply “sure but Paw’s Up is where we’re going!”

For those that want luxury with a side of adventure, you can enjoy a 12-mile horseback ride into the beautiful Montana foothills to a smaller camp with large luxury tents. It’s not just camping it’s “Glamping”! The experience you’ll experience at Paw’s Up is truly glamorous camping.

Paw’s up is where “Nature is served on a Silver Platter”.


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A Rustic Affair: Visiting a Local Venue

As rustic weddings are growing in popularity, so is the number of sites catering to this rugged, yet elegant style. We visited one of these rustic wedding venues, located near our Rocky Mountain Decor offices. Hidden in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Los Gatos is the beautifully whimsical Nestlesdown. This exceptional location has been catering to beautiful brides and handsome grooms for years.

Once a working fruit ranch, Nestldown is a 180-acre property surrounded by lush redwood forests and glistening ponds. The grounds feature beautifully manicures gardens, unique buildings, and even a working train that the wedding party can ride.

The friendly staff at Nestledown will help to create the rustic wedding of your dreams and provides a long list of vendors that have a proven record of satisfying even the pickiest brides.

Stay Tuned for Part Six: Rustic Centerpieces

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How To Debone A Duck

For those of you participating in duck season, here is a quick and simple way to debone your harvested ducks so that you can get the most meat.

After you spend hours plucking feathers and cleaning your ducks here is a great way to begin any great duck recipe.

This video demonstrates how to easily separate the legs, wings and breasts from your duck. Don’t get discouraged this may not happen on the first try. The key is a very sharp knife!

Stay tuned for delicious Duck recipes…


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Yellowstone, Our First National Park

> Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first and one of its most famous national parks. Located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park are Old Faithful and a collection of the world’s most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This incredible park was formed by the boiling hot magma that lies below the surface creating this unique landscape.

Plan your next trip to Yellowstone here!


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As the Bugle Roars, The Rut Begins

For those of you who have never experienced the majestic bugle of a Bull Elk, have a listen…

The shortening of daylight will trigger the elk’s biological clock and the rut will begin. As the light decreases in the fall, glands are stimulated (by the amount of daylight which comes in through the eyes) and these glands will release hormones. The bulls first shed their velvet, their antlers are white. During the rut the antlers will darken, or become stained from dirt, mud, bark, sap, and blood, turning them to various shades of browns to almost black. The bulls will be less and less social with their summer time companions.

These bulls will seek out the cows and if they are not already taken by a larger bull, he will claim possession of them. He will chase off any smaller bulls, usually without having to fight, but with just his massive size and aggressiveness. As the height of the rut passes, the herd bulls will wander off and once again form bachelor groups. At the end of the rut, a bull will have lost roughly 100 pounds and will need to feed heavily to replace the lost stores of fat needed for the upcoming winter months.

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BP Oil Spill Clean Up Soulution!

One companies solution to cleaning up the BP Oil spill along the U.S. coast offers a bit of hope.

Now considered the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history the Deepwater Horizon, or Gulf oil spill, was a result of the April 20th 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion that left 11 dead and 17 others injured. The spill is estimated to be pumping 1-2 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf waters daily, resulting in a major environmental disaster that is effecting marine and wildlife habitats by the minute. As crews work to protect hundreds of miles of beaches the light at the end of the tunnel to this monstrous disaster seems hopeless.

We are optimistic that by posting this video and getting the word out about this company, Monterey Mills, and the solution they offer, that we could very well provide closure to this great catastrophe.

Please pass it on.


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Tour an Amazing Log Cabin

“Tour a gorgeous 7800 square foot log home in Southern Georgia. It features round handpeeled logs, big timbers, and beautiful grounds. The home was designed, manufactured and built by Strongwood Log Home Company of Georgia.”

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Hiking the Grand Canyon

“Grand Canyon National Park encompasses more than 1.2 million acres, the vast majority of which are inaccessible due to the predominance of cliffs and inhospitable to all but plants and animals able to survive in the desert. The Colorado River bisects the canyon; hikers can cross the river only at Phantom Ranch. If you choose to hike from rim to river to rim, you will have to deal with an elevation differential of more than 10,000 feet from start to finish.” Source:

We found this great video on YouTube.  The video provides the details you need to plan a successful hiking trip in the Grand Canyon- including  information about specific hiking trails as well as general hiking tips.


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How to Steer and Paddle a Canoe- Using a J Stroke

Calm water, warm weather, birds chirping and it’s just you, nature and your canoe. Nothing beats a day on the lake.

If you’ve never canoed, you’d probably be surprised to learn the technique that can be involved. For example there are several types of strokes:

  • Pry Stroke
  • Sweep Stroke
  • Draw Stroke
  • Reverse J Stroke
  • J Stroke

In this video, Bruce Lessels teaches the subtle but efficient J stroke for flatwater canoeing.

J-Stroke Directions:

This is a canoe paddling technique that will allow you to keep the paddle on one side of the boat, and steer the boat with the way you finish your stroke.

Start by reaching forward and pulling water. From there, about half way through your paddling stroke, twist the paddle and finish the stroke by pushing away from the stern or rear of the canoe. When you paddle from the right hand, you will pull the boat to the left. by pushing away from the stern of the boat, it will correct the boat direction and keep it going straight. The stroke looks like a J, thus called a j stroke.


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Strut Your Stuff

“Here is a big Tom Turkey strutting his stuff and then demonstrating how small his brain is by trying to pick a fight with my truck bumper.”

-K. Stafford

This great video was sent to us from the Stafford’s in Colfax California, thanks guys!

If you have a similar video of a animal encounter you’d like to share leave a comment below.


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