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A Rustic Affair- A New Year’s Eve Wedding

party-ideasIn celebration of the holidays, we’re taking a look at a very special way to ring in the New Year. More and more couples looking for a unique and exciting date for their wedding are opting to wed on New Year’s Eve and party into the next year.

One of the most important components of throwing the perfect New Year’s Eve Wedding Bash is, of course, keep the champagne flowing! If you aren’t interested in serving a full meal, cocktails and appetizers are a wonderful way to keep your guests satisfied all night long.

Want to make the event a little more rustic? Try using traditional lanterns to add a beautiful glow. Placing unique clocks around the event is another way to keep the New Year’s theme, while adding rustic elegance.


Don’t forget to infuse your send off with a little New Year’s glitter. Give guests confetti to throw as you run past or for an even bigger spectacle hand out sparklers… just be sure you and your dress are a safe distance!

Congratulations and Happy New Year!

Courtesy: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Sweet Tea Photography, and Winter Wedding Ideas

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A Rustic Affair- Rustic Wedding Favors

I’m sure we have all received wedding favors in the past and thought, “Where is the nearest trash can?” For years these tiny gifts were approached with the mindset of “it’s the thought that counts.” However, creative brides have given the wedding favor a complete makeover and are now sending their guests home with something they will actually enjoy.

Some of our favorite ideas will not only show your guests your appreciation, but will also add rustic style and elegance to your wedding decor.

Given them a treat for the road! We love the idea of sending your guests with a little sweet snack, including chocolate truffles, candied apples, and even mason jar pies.

Give to a charity in their name. Making a charitable donation in honor of your wedding guests is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and give back to those in need.

Give them something they will actually use! Send guests home with your favorite lotion, a beautiful candle or even a wine stopper.

There are endless possibilities for rustic wedding favors; just make sure your wedding favors add style to your day, not detract, and that they are something your guests will truly enjoy receiving.

Stay tuned for part eight: Rustic Wedding Flowers

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A Rustic Affair: Rustic Centerpieces

Centerpieces are typically the area of your wedding where you can be the most creative and add the most rustic style. From wildflowers in mason jars to pillar candles on birch wood or baskets filled with fruit or pinecones, the centerpiece provides endless possibilities for an imaginative bride.

While nearly anything can be made into a stunning centerpiece, there are some tips to keep the tables looking stunning and comfortable for your guests. Avoid flower arrangements or centerpieces that are too difficult to see over. If you would like a tall arrangement try thinner vases with the bulk of the arrangement above eye level.

It is also important to keep the table uncluttered; too many candles, flowers, and accent pieces can leave little room for your guests and their belongings.

And finally dedicate plenty of time to designing your centerpiece. There are so many options out there and planning can become overwhelming; make sure you are not rushed to make decisions to ensure you have the centerpiece that fits your wedding’s unique rustic style.

Stay Tuned for Part Seven: Rustic Favors


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A Rustic Affair: Visiting a Local Venue

As rustic weddings are growing in popularity, so is the number of sites catering to this rugged, yet elegant style. We visited one of these rustic wedding venues, located near our Rocky Mountain Decor offices. Hidden in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Los Gatos is the beautifully whimsical Nestlesdown. This exceptional location has been catering to beautiful brides and handsome grooms for years.

Once a working fruit ranch, Nestldown is a 180-acre property surrounded by lush redwood forests and glistening ponds. The grounds feature beautifully manicures gardens, unique buildings, and even a working train that the wedding party can ride.

The friendly staff at Nestledown will help to create the rustic wedding of your dreams and provides a long list of vendors that have a proven record of satisfying even the pickiest brides.

Stay Tuned for Part Six: Rustic Centerpieces

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A Rustic Affair: Wedding Photography

Even after your rustic wedding has come and gone, your wedding photos will hang on your walls for years to come and remind you of the beauty of that special day.

Most wedding planners, consultants, and former brides will agree; one of the most important vendors at your wedding is the photographer. But, talented wedding photographers don’t come cheap and prices can soar up over $10,000 for the day.

However, there are ways to save on photography. First, there are many wonderful photographers that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Just make sure to do your homework. Ask the photographer to see several samples of their work, talk to other couples who worked with that photographer, and be sure to discuss in detail what is included in the photographer’s cost. It is also very helpful to give your photographer a detailed shot list that includes who and what you want photographed.

If you’d like to save even more money, you can have your wedding on off days, like Friday or Monday; just know fewer guests may be able to attend if your wedding is held on a weekday. You can also have your wedding in off-season months, including fall, winter, and early spring.

Most importantly, pick a photographer whose style is similar to your own and who will make you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day!

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Stay Tuned For Part 5 When We Visit a Local Venue…

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A Rustic Affair Part 3- Stationary

Rustic Wedding Stationary

There are many important details involved in throwing a rustic wedding, but it is the save the date cards and formal invitations that make the first impression on your guests.

The Save the Date Card: These small cards are mailed out anywhere from 6 months to a year before your wedding and are a beautiful way to inform guests of your wedding date, location, and wedding website. The save the date card should be a small taste of what is to come, so be sure it is representative of both your wedding and the stationary to follow.

The Formal Invitation: The traditional wedding invitation is quickly becoming a thing of the past and brides can now choose from invitations in nearly every size, style, and color. Before picking your wedding invitation, remember, this small piece of paper gives your guests an idea of what they should expect at your wedding, so be sure you’ve really considered what you want your invitation to say about you and your groom.

Wedding stationary is not just about the invitations; there are also programs, name cards, table numbers, and thank you cards. To give your wedding a flawless and cohesive appearance try creating a monogram, symbol, or color scheme to be used throughout the wedding stationary. Developing unity among the wedding stationary will help make your special day elegant enough to grace the cover of even the most stylish wedding magazines.

Stay tuned for part four: Wedding Photography


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A Rustic Affair Part 2: The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most significant and sacred part of your special day and, as such, should be filled with beautiful details that show off your rustic style and elegance.

One stunning way brides are transforming their ceremony space into a rustic scene is by creating unique and stylish alters. Branches, twigs, birch logs and aged barnwood can all be constructed to create a simple and handsome place for you and your fiancé to say your vows. Once the structure is completed and sturdy, add delicate flowers and flowing fabrics to finish the rustic alter space.

Rustic aisle details are another way to show your style and add unique touches throughout your wedding day. Some of the ideas we love are pictured here and include lining the aisle with birch trunks topped with candles, placing lanterns down the walk way, tying golden grasses onto aisle chairs, and scattering lush leaves down the aisle. You can also define the aisle space and add rustic elegance by placing wine barrels at the end of the walkway and topping them with flower arrangements.

And finally, don’t miss an opportunity to add rustic touches to the actual ceremony. The lighting of unity candles has become very popular among brides and grooms, but you can twist this mainstream ritual into a rustic event. These Birch Bark Pillar Candles are the perfect alternative to simple white candlesticks and will look wonderful displayed in your rustic home for many years to come.

Stay tuned for Part Three: Wedding Stationary

Photos Courtesy of Bridal Buds and Truly Engaging


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A Rustic Affair Part 1: The Venue

If you and your fiancé love hiking, fishing and basically enjoying the beautiful outdoors, you probably want your wedding to reflect your rustic lifestyle. There are actually some simple and easy ways to avoid a run of the mill wedding and create an event full of country chic touches and rustic sophistication.

The biggest decision, other than accepting the proposal, is the venue. Look for outdoor spaces like fields, forests, or lakeside venues. These locations can offer some incredible photo opportunities, like these shots of couples out by a rustic barn and beneath the forest’s canopy. Outdoor weddings are being reinvented and becoming more elegant, sophisticated events. And the brides that are choosing to get married outside are creating some truly amazing and unique scenes.

If your heart is set on an indoor wedding, there are lots of rustic options too. Hotels near national monuments and national parks can offer beautiful indoor venues and the hotels’ design and decor usually reflect their rustic surroundings. Other indoor ideas include lodges, small country churches, wineries, or you could even transform a local barn into your own unique location and create a chic, hometown event.

Where ever you decide to get married, make sure your venue will comfortably accommodate all of your guests and fits the design you’re
dreaming of.

Happy venue hunting!

Stay Tuned for Part 2: The Ceremony…

Photo’s courtesy of Whispering Pines and the following photographers Tanja Lippert, Blue Window Photo


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