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New From Winchester…

For all those shotguns owners out there like myself, we’re always in search of the latest and greatest. Well everybody, for those who haven’t heard, there have been some new gadgets added to the toy box of shotgun goodies!

No longer do you have to hassle with multiple barrels if you switch between shot and slug depending on the season. Winchester has just released a Non-Lead Zinc Slug! At last, a slug that is fast, effective and most of all usable in all states! Non-toxic bullets are a requirement in many parts of California as part of the fight to keep the Condors safe. Now you can buy both shot and slugs that are safe for the condors and the environment.

The other benefit to these new zinc slugs is that aside from being lead free, they’re usable in Smoothbores! No need for rifled barrels just for slugs. These 12-gauge slugs are 3/4oz, .72 caliber and a muzzle velocity of 1400 feet per second! They don’t expand a lot but they do penetrate deeper which make them great for larger game, and the price is reasonable. Check out these new slugs at Winchester today, New for 2011!


Jump In To This Years Family Vacation!

With summer time approaching fast and the count down to the end of school nears it may be time to start planning a family vacation. There are so many fun things to do with the family during those warm summer days. One of my family’s favorite things to do is rent a houseboat! Every year around the same time we get together a great group of friends and head to Lake Shasta in California. We usually take a week and have fun in the sun boating, fishing and swimming in the cool water.

Shasta is one of the many great places to take out a houseboat as well as enjoy many other activities. Lake Shasta offers visitors a chance to take the boat out for a spin, swim along the shoreline, camp, hike, fish and even tour the Shasta Caverns! Shasta Caverns is a short boat ride across the lake and a quick bus trip up the mountain. There in the mountain is a large selection of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a nice easy walk through the caverns and a great way to spend a hot day, as the caverns are quite cold!

Shasta is fed by four rivers Sacramento, McCloud, Squaw and the Pit River. Most of the year the water is cold and the weather is too, but during the short summer months June through September the water warms up a bit and the weather…gets HOT! We’ve found the June and September are the prime months to visit. During our one trip in July we experienced 114-degree weather and the water was about 85, so even jumping in the lake didn’t cool you down. If houseboating is out of the budget, check out Lake Shasta’s beautiful campgrounds.

This year take the family out! Get the kids away from the television and mom and dad…turn off those cell phones. Enjoy the outdoors, family, friends and relax!

To learn more about Lake Shasta click here to visit their site for reservations and information.


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Life's A Garden…Dig It!

Now that those April showers are in effect now’s the time to plant some May flowers! Spend your warm spring evenings and Saturday afternoon getting your garden in shape. With a little help from your friends at Rocky Mountain you can take your rustic yard from mundane to spectacular! We carry lots of great outdoor decor and furniture to make your backyard the rustic oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

With our beautiful garden decor you can add those special accents like weathervanes, bird houses, planter boxes and wind chimes that make your yard stand out from the rest. We’ve just added some great new lines including Painted Sky Designs and MiYu Outdoor Furniture. With so many great seating arrangements and beautiful outdoor signs everyone in the forest will feel welcome at your cabin. So just remember when your out planting your spring flowers, pick up a few extra goodies too!


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RusticLifestyle's Top 10 Favorite Outdoor Activities

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in many regions it’s time to start thinking about the Great Outdoors! The following is a list of the Top 10 favorite Outdoor Activities from the Rustic Lifestyle Staff! So, in no particular order, here are just a few of the activities our staff enjoys when they’re not hard at work in the office. Though we are blessed to work at a remote area that is surrounded by beautiful wildlife and nature.

10. Camping with Family and Friends

9. Sitting on the Beach Watching the World go by

8. Hiking with Man’s Best Friend, the Dog

7. Swimming

6. Horseback Riding

5. Fishing

4. Riding ATV’s

3. Running

2. Landscaping the Yard

1. Basically Anything! We LOVE the Outdoors!!


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Rainy Day? How About A Great Rustic Movie!

Spring showers may bring flowers but they don’t give us the opportunity to enjoy the Great Outdoors! So the next rainy day that keeps you from getting out and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle you love try renting, buying of Netflix-ing your favorite Rustic movie! Some of our office favorites include “The Great Outdoors”. The Great Outdoors starring John Candy and Dan Aykroyd who play brothers in a hilarious movie about a families vacation to Pechoggin Wisconsin. What a great movie! The great outdoors at it’s best. Another great rustic movie is “Harry & The Hendersen’s” featuring John Lithgow. A family discovers what may in fact be the missing link… Bigfoot!

There is nothing better than a great movie, especially when it entails the very place we love spending our time… The outdoors! Legends of the Fall was another great movie about a family living amongst the great outdoors and uses the land to survive. The list goes on and on. So next time you can’t go outside, pick up a great movie for the whole family! Like the “Man From Snowy River”!

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A Great Way to Spend A Winter Day!

With plenty of snow left on the ground, it may be time to bring home a quality built sled that will last generations! Mountain Boy Sleds has several styles of hand-hewn sleds for the whole family to enjoy. No matter the type of sled you’re searching for, be it a kick sled, flyer sled, toboggan or a classic pull sled, these are the best in the business.

Check out these beautiful sleds today at Rocky Mountain Decor!


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Living Off the Grid: Sustainable Gardening

When it comes to living off-grid, many choose to take the route of truly living “with” the land. This may include planting and maintaining your own garden. Because this could become a novel of information we would like to hit a few key points and ideas and link you to another blog that breaks down every aspect of how to design build and maintain a true sustainable garden.

A few things to consider when designing a sustainable garden is to consider your surroundings. Choose plants that will help support local wildlife and try to stay away from harsh chemicals and fertilizers that put harmful additives into the soil. The best solution is to combine natural ingredients to create a healthy and lively outdoor living space. There are many types of sustainable gardens to create around your home; you can build a garden to produce healthy fruits and vegetable or a garden that is just for looks. Either way if you follow the practices of sustainable gardening you can build a healthy outdoor space for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

A great way to cut down on waste and save money is to create your own compost pile. Many places sell containers to hold your mulch until it is ready to use. By using a compost pile you can add things to it like leaves that you raked for the yard and any leftover fruits, vegetable and natural foods, thus saving space in the garbage and reducing your waste. This also saves you money because you do not have to purchase compost. Along with tossing leftover foods and yard clippings into your compost bin, there are directions to assisting in the breakdown of you compost with water and heat to make it suitable to mix into your garden.

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