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Celebrate Christmas with your Pet!

The Detroit Free Press wrote a great article based on the findings of an poll: More than half of Americans will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, spending about $46 for presents. Most of that $46 goes toward treats and toys.

While $46 is the average, the poll shows that those who make over $50,000 plan to spend about $57, and those with household incomes of under $50,000 will spend around $29, creating the average of $46.

Don’t leave your pet out this year! Treat your dog to a Merry Christmas as well. Check out Rustic Pet Accessories at RockyMountainCabinDecor.

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If a Dog Really is a Man’s Best Friend, Shouldn’t He Sleep Like it?

When you stay at your cabin or lodge, I bet you bring your dog. Dogs can be great hunters, trackers, hikers, guard dogs, and just plain amazing cuddlers by the fire. If you bring your dog to your cabin, don’t forget to make sure you have a warm, comfy bed that matches your cabin decor.

Rustic pet furniturehas really come a long way since cardboard boxes and carpet remnants.  Your dog will love the new, comfy and sturdy styles pet beds have transformed into.  Make sure you keep a cozy spot in the cabin just for your dog.

The Cedar Dog Bed with Standard mattress is made of Northern White Cedar logs are hand peeled to accentuate their natural character and beauty. A clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish for extra durability.  And, each dog bed is Individually handcrafted so that you can rest assure your dog bed is being made with love.

The Cedar Log bed will match your rustic cabin decor, and your dog will thank you. But like they say, “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” so you may have to coax your pooch into his new warm bed with a little encouragement from treats and training.

Cedar Dog Bad
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