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Add a little Fire to Your Ourdoor Decor: Firepits

Just because the temperatures are getting cooler, doesn’t mean the entertMoose Fire Pitaining outside has to stop. Take a dinner party outside, even in the snow, when you have a firepit set up outside. This Moose and Tree Patina Fire Pit is perfect for barbeques, gatherings, camping or a quiet evening at home, our fire pits are handcrafted from durable cold-rolled steel. Enjoy a safe fire for cooking or just relaxing where you want to relive the camping experience and keep coals safely contained. Share a fun evening with the kids roasting smores, or a romantic evening under the stars warm and toasty. The detailed Moose and Tree cutouts add character and will provide ventilation and charm which will illuminate from the flame glow. Includes a full-size BBQ grill, for the perfect outdoor meal, a poker to adjust wood and stir coals, and a Spark Screen, to let the fire die safely. Crafted of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel for years of durability and a beautiful natural rust patina finish which ages beautifully over time. The portable design allows the fire pit to move easily from the patio to the beach. The safety ring surrounds the fire pit can also function as a footrest and handle. Sturdy legs are welded in place to prevent pit from wobbling. Comes fully assembled for immediate use.

Dimensions: 31″ L x 31″ W x 17″ H Includes: Poker, BBQ Grill and Spark Screen

Dress up your outdoor space and add a little ambiance. Part of the fun of outdoor entertaining is extending your cabin decor to the outdoors.

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Always Come Prepared!

When it comes to camping one can never be too prepared. Though most trips go off without a hitch, things do happen. Here are a few things that will come in handy when it comes to tent tears, bad lantern mantles and any other small mishap.

Sewing Kit

Tent Repair Kit

Cable Ties

1” Webbing

Seam Sealer

Duct Tape (which fixes just about anything)



Cord Locks

Replacement Zippers

Lantern Mantles

Parachute Cord

Shock Cord

Shoe Goo

Spare Buckles

Safety Pins

Stove or Lantern Repair Parts

Tent Pole Splints

leatherman tool (this has pliers, screwdrivers and small knife)

First Aid Kit

This little kit of goodies can help you enjoy your trip and allow you to stay longer as those pesky little mishaps can be fixed and won’t spoil the fun of having to go home due to a broken zipper or lantern mantle. As you put together a pouch of these items, and the more use you get out of them you can expand your kit to include the things you find you need. Happy Camping!


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Keeping Your Flies In "Mint" Condition

If you love fly-fishing then you know the perils of keeping your flies straight. Well here’s a simple and inexpensive way to keep your flies organized. This is a great beginners fly box for those young and old.

Take an Altoids box and clean out any mint dust of course. Then take a section of cardboard from an old shoebox and cut 3 strips one- 3 ½” x ¾” this will fit lengthwise inside the tin. Then two pieces- 2 1/8” x ¾” these will fit across the width of the tin.

Next cut two notches in the longest piece and one notch in the center of each of the smaller pieces. Cover each of the three pieces with duct tape. This will keep things waterproof and make the cardboard fit snugly in the tin. After you wrap the pieces in cardboard and re-snip the notches lay the long piece lengthwise in the tin and the two shorter pieces widthwise.

This will create 6 individual compartments to keep your flies organized! You can also embellish your tin by adding pieces of magnet or foam to further organize your flies. With the inside dimensions given here you can customize your tin to fit your needs and various size flies!

This makes a great project to get your junior fly-fisher started and give he or she a place to start their own collection of flies that will catch them a whopper!


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They Are Armored For A Reason… Stay Away!

A new study done on a possible link between (oddly enough) Armadillos and Leprosy, or Hansen’s Disease, came back with some sad news for Armadillo lovers…

Apparently people who have either handled or consumed Armadillo may be at risk for leprosy. The following is a snippet from the New York Times:

Armadillos have never been among the cuddly creatures routinely included in petting zoos, but on Wednesday federal researchers offered a compelling reason to avoid contact with the armored animals altogether: They are a source of leprosy infections in humans. Using genetic sequencing machines, researchers were able to confirm that about a third of the leprosy cases that arise each year in the United States almost certainly result from contact with infected armadillos. The cases are concentrated in Louisiana and Texas, where some people hunt, skin and eat armadillos. Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is an ancient scourge that has largely disappeared, but each year about 150 to 250 people in the United States and 250,000 in the world contract the illness. As long as the disease is identified relatively quickly, treatment with antibiotics — a one- to two-year regimen with three different drugs — offers an effective cure. But every year dozens of people in the United States do not recognize their skin lesions for what they are early enough and suffer lifelong nerve damage as a result.- New York Times


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Coffee- In Your Cup and On The Go

As one of the most traded agricultural products on the planet, coffee is the beverage of choice and is the most-consumed drink in the world. Coffee is a great and easy beverage to pack on any outdoor adventure! For me there is nothing better than a hot cup-of-joe on a cool mountain morning. Now that you can buy instant coffee brewed by the largest chain of coffee stores known to man, it is now even easier to take on the go. Individual cups can be brewed within minutes with the addition of hot water. These little packets of caffeine have proved to be perfect during camping trips, especially when you’re backpacking in several miles and the contents of your pack are limited. As a girl I am already hassled on the number of items I require so this is a great way to sneak in my pick me up without taking up a lot of additional space. Now instead of taking along tins of coffee and a pot to brew it in, I know pack these single serving packets, smaller then a lipstick tube, and a cup, and I instantly can enjoy the same coffee I get every morning before work.

Originating in Ethiopia, coffee was introduced as a beverage during the 15th century. As it spread across Europe coffee became banned in several countries over the years. It was first used in religious ceremonies and thus ban in the secular world by many Muslim groups. Coffee has come a long way in the world over the years and has now become the chief export for many Southern regions in the fair market trade. Coffee beans need a certain climate to successfully mature and the plant is often grown in a greenhouse until the plant matures around 6-12 months. Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica are among the main sources for this popular drink. Learn more about Coffee and it’s origin right here. And if you’re looking for some great mugs to enjoy your morning brew check out our wide selection of coffee cups and mugs at Rocky Mountain Decor.


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Get Out! Summer's Just Around The Corner….

Summer is quickly approaching and for most people that means getting back outdoors and back in shape.

Here is a look at our favorite ways to enjoy nature while sheading a couple of pounds. We’ve also included the average calories burned by a 150lb person after doing each activity for 30 minutes.

Rowing or kayaking

Water Skiing


Skating or roller blading

324-594 Depending on speed


Volleyball on the beach

162-180 Depending on speed

288-594 Depending on speed

Playing Frisbee

Horseback riding


Rock climbing
288 Repelling – 396 Ascending

What are you waiting for??

Get outside, enjoy nature, and burn off those winter pounds.


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Life's A Garden…Dig It!

Now that those April showers are in effect now’s the time to plant some May flowers! Spend your warm spring evenings and Saturday afternoon getting your garden in shape. With a little help from your friends at Rocky Mountain you can take your rustic yard from mundane to spectacular! We carry lots of great outdoor decor and furniture to make your backyard the rustic oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

With our beautiful garden decor you can add those special accents like weathervanes, bird houses, planter boxes and wind chimes that make your yard stand out from the rest. We’ve just added some great new lines including Painted Sky Designs and MiYu Outdoor Furniture. With so many great seating arrangements and beautiful outdoor signs everyone in the forest will feel welcome at your cabin. So just remember when your out planting your spring flowers, pick up a few extra goodies too!


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Painted Sky Designs at Rocky Mountain Decor

Painted Sky Designs began in 2003 in Dubuque, Iowa, with the idea that there was a market for incorporating fine art into outdoor furniture and accessories that were lifestyle specific. Since that time, we feel that we have redefined the “park bench.”

Our original small offering of horse and wildlife benches has now grown to more than 60 individual designs with over 200 product possibilities, and we are excited about the many new ideas and products to come.

All designs begin as small thumbnail drawings where layout details are worked out. I then create a full-size, detailed drawing of the proposed product where I refine the composition further. A sculpted 3D version is then created and used to make an aluminum mold. The mold is used to create an impression in sand, into which hot molten iron or aluminum is poured. When it has cooled, the surrounding sand is broken off leaving the metal casting. It is then dipped in a rust inhibitor and painted with a bronze powder coat finish, which is baked on. The final step is to apply hand painted gold highlights. All art is protected by world wide copyrights.

Rocky Mountain Decor is a proud carrier of these fine outdoor furniture products, shop here today!


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RusticLifestyle's Top 10 Favorite Outdoor Activities

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in many regions it’s time to start thinking about the Great Outdoors! The following is a list of the Top 10 favorite Outdoor Activities from the Rustic Lifestyle Staff! So, in no particular order, here are just a few of the activities our staff enjoys when they’re not hard at work in the office. Though we are blessed to work at a remote area that is surrounded by beautiful wildlife and nature.

10. Camping with Family and Friends

9. Sitting on the Beach Watching the World go by

8. Hiking with Man’s Best Friend, the Dog

7. Swimming

6. Horseback Riding

5. Fishing

4. Riding ATV’s

3. Running

2. Landscaping the Yard

1. Basically Anything! We LOVE the Outdoors!!


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Get Into The Spring of Things

Summer is rapidly approaching and with a few days of warm weather in the forecast it’s time to start thinking about updating your yards. There are lots of simple inexpensive things you can do to give your yard and gardens the face lift they need to kick off a great summer. Planting flowers are a great way to give your outdoor spaces a quick pick me up. Bring color and a fresh look to your garden by planting some great annuals and perennials. Weather you plant a container garden or create some beds you must first decide the type of garden you want.

If you’re looking to plant a garden with simple color and style or a garden with purpose you must consider the type of climate you live in and the best plants to grow. Certain plants grow better or do not survive in certain climates. So do some research and learn what will thrive in your yards.

Perennials are plants that bloom and live for two or more years. These you plant and enjoy for years to come with proper care and feeding. Annuals are just that, they have to be replaced annually. Either plant allows you to enjoy some color for a season or several years.

On top of your new plants and making sure to feed and water them you can add great accents like outdoor decor. Whether it’s a gazing ball, weathervane, bird feeder or just odd garden decorations you can take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

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