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Hunting Season is Officially Open!

It’s that time when the leaves start turning colors, the mornings and nights have a cool crispness to them, and you see camo everywhere! We’re a New Hampshire based company and for us, bow season started for Turkey and Deer hunting. If you don’t have “open season” yet, you should very soon. Make sure to check your states open season and what animals you are allowed to hunt.

Hunting season also means hunting lodges and cabins will be used again very soon. Make sure you have all the rustic decor you need. Find all your hunting cabin and lodge needs at

Hunting Season is Officially Open

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Taking Caribou-sness!

I first met Chris & Thorene (Thor) Schippmann of Liard River Adventures at the 2007 SCI Convention in Reno Nevada. I was very impressed with them, and what they and their area had to offer, so the following year we booked a moose & caribou hunt with Chris & Thor for the 2009 season. Liard River Adventures is located along the Liard River and Alaskan Highway, not a great distance from the Yukon border. The area’s spectacular wildlife fauna and hunting opportunities consists of eight species of ungulates, namely Stone Sheep, Mountain Goats, wild Wood Bison, Canadian Moose, Elk, Mountain Caribou, White-Tailed and Mule Deer; plus at least seven species of medium-sized carnivores including Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Lynx and Wolverines.

My wife Paula & I drove from California to Liard River Adventures in Alberta and ‘vacationed our way’ there through BC, Banff & Jasper National Parks. Paula spent a day or two with Thor at the Liard River base camp and then flew home… that’s when my hunt began.

At the main lodge, I was introduced to Chris’ brother Ty, my guide. Ty has several Belt Buckle awards for largest mountain caribou taken in British Columbia and without a doubt, one of the toughest and best guides I’ve had the pleasure to hunt with. Foggy windy weather delayed the start of the hunt by a day, which began with about a 25-30 mile flight north toward the Yukon, into the wilderness and the Caribou Range. Once we finally reached the upper camp we made up time, by riding horseback to make it to the Caribou range by dusk. The plan was to take a mountain caribou first, as they had a shorter season, and then go for a moose. With all of us at the one camp and cabin, it was a bit cramped, but still comfortable. As I turned in for the night, I had no idea that the following day I would be signing the inner wall of the cabin with the trophy moose I harvested.

The next morning we all went our separate ways. As luck would have it, Read the rest of this entry »


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A Proud Pups First Hunt

This is Toby and this moment was captured as he and owner Tom Kelly finished up a successful day of duck hunting. Toby is a 3-year old Yellow Lab and after his first trip he has proved to be a great little hunter.


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A Cold Barrel, A Muddy Lab and One Great Hunt

A successful duck hunting adventure from Ralph Hayden, a friend of the President of Rocky Mountain CD and fellow hunter and Sportsman. This hunt took place at Stillbow Hunt Club near Los Banos and Dos Palos, in the South Grasslands district. Enjoy…

Usually the second weekend is pretty slow with all the local bird still shell shocked from the opener and the northern migrants still way up north. In addition, we had a pretty good south wind blowing which tends to blow the majority of ducks north to the upper limits of the wetlands (grasslands). Stillbow is situated in the southeastern corner of the wetlands and shoots best with a north western wind so it wasn’t looking to bright.

As luck would have it I was #1 pick on Saturday so I had my choice of blind on the whole club. After  I walked over to the lodge and poured my first cup of coffee while the rest of the crew gathered for breakfast. After a  good dose of ribbing to those still wounded and foggy headed from the previous evenings alcohol abuse, I was ready to go. One hour before shoot time our club commences  “draw”. Being first, I chose a very nice blind on a point that is surrounded by a horseshoe shaped pond. At Stillbow, it is known as blind #30. Next I grabbed my freshly filled thermos and put on my waders and jacket and a grabbed an extra box of shells. (I was thinking why do I need these extra shells on this lifeless morning, I’m probably just going to end up watching another beautiful sunrise with a cold barrel and a steamy wet, muddy lab.) Read the rest of this entry »


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A Hunt Worth Every Buck

Here is another successful buck hunting adventure from Kent Stafford, a friend of the
President of Rocky Mountain CD and fellow hunter and Sportsman. They met while working at TRW back in 1981. Kent is retired now living with his wife near Colfax, CA.

Hi Guys,

Just got back from Colorado this past Saturday.  My brother and I had a great trip.  Unfortunately this was the only buck we saw during the entire season so my brother had to go home empty handed.  The buck I got was by no means a monster, but is the largest one I have ever gotten.  Prior to being field dressed I am sure it weighed over 200 pounds.  I usually get deer that barely exceeds 100 pounds.  The funny thing is that I got this guy about 15 minutes into the season.  Last year I got my deer also on opening morning.  In both years, we never saw another buck during the rest of the season.

We hunted out of Dolores, CO in zones 71 and 711.  The country was beautiful and looked like there should have a deer behind every tree.  We hunted as high as 10,500 feet, where I got this one, and as low as 7,500 feet.  We were surprised by how few deer we saw.  A weather front came in a few days after the season started which did help get the deer moving.  We ended up seeing more deer (does) at the lower levels.  And surprisingly, while hunting in the low areas we ran into a very nice 6×6 bull elk.  Needless to say, we sure wished we had an elk tag!

I am now getting ready and looking forward to my New Mexico hunt which starts on 11/20.  This will be my first guided hunt for deer.  I am expecting to see a lot more deer and some very distracted bucks.



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A Successful Weekend Hunt

One of our beloved vendors and dear friend Dennis Gift from Steel Partners Lighting was kind enough to share a bit  about a recent hunt that him and his son Tracker went on. Enjoy…

My son Tracker and I just returned from hunting Wild Pheasant in Montana. I brought my 35 Lb 2 year old field Trial lab Diva. She did fantastic. We hunted mostly cattails. It was hard work, but we always got our birds. I gave my son the choice of hunting big game out of state, or birds and he decided that wing shooting would be more fun…. and he was right. We found heaven on earth!!!

Thank you Dennis & Tracker for letting us share your great story with our bloggers!! Best of luck in your future hunting excursions!


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A Quest For A Big Bull Elk- by Vince Temperino

This grand story of one man’s adventurous hunting trip was sent to us by a fellow sportsman and dear friend of Rocky Mountain Decor, Vince Temperino. Enjoy…

Friends –
The quest for a Bull Elk started six years ago when Mersch Ward first introduced me to Elk hunting. My first hunt was in the Gunnison, Colorado area and we hunted for 7 days with no success. But just like all hunts, I took away some great memories. The next hunt was in the Craig, Colorado area with Elk Horn Outfitters and was a 6 day hunt with no success. Last year I hunted near Sula, Montana with Todd Renz and we had a great time, though I was not successful in harvesting a Bull Elk.

My hunt began on the morning of 10/10 at 7:00am when I left San Martin, CA heading for beautiful Croyden, UT. I made the approx. 12 hour drive to Wendover, NV, which included the obligatory stop at Cabela’s and an hour and a half later and$350.00 poorer I was on my way again, with some new hunting toys in hand.  Wendover is approx. 5 miles from the Utah border. I spent the night in Wendover and headed out the next morning to complete the balance of the drive to Croyden which was approximately three and a half hours.

I got to the spot Read the rest of this entry »


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Oh Deer, That’s My Stand!

Greg ventured to his favorite hunting spot to scope out a prime location for his deer stand the weekend before deer season was going to start. He found a choice tree and sent up camp so that when he returned the following weekend he wouldn’t have to fuss around in the wee hours of the morning and make unnecessary noise that may very well scare off his trophy buck.  He was all set and returned home dreaming of the coming weekend.

The week couldn’t have dragged on any slower, but finally it was Friday and it was a mere couple of hours before he set off on his hunt. The alarm clock went off at 5:00am that beautiful Saturday morning, perfect, that would put him back to his spot right at sunrise. When Greg arrived he parked the truck grabbed his gear and set off to the place he had marked out just days before. But when Greg arrived to his stand he found that someone else had found themselves right at home…..and no it wasn’t another hunter, so to speak.


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A Tale of Tom Turkey by Steve Bayley

The alarm went off at 4:30, and I woke up and got dressed. Some guys pulled in and parked near me. They headed up the trail and I followed about 15 minutes behind them. After a while I caught up to them. I told them that since we were the only people hunting this mountain today, we should make sure we did not both try to hunt the same place. I said I wanted to hunt down the south ridge. They replied that was where they wanted to hunt. So I said I would hunt on south ridge, but on the other side of the creek. They said that the previous week some other hunter called in a turkey and they heard every gobble it made until the guy shot it.

I found my spot to cross the creek in the dark without getting lost, most unusual. I have contemplated purchasing a GPS so I can find my way through the poison oak thickets without getting lost! I even found my wading stick that I stashed and use most years (I don’t get to use it when I get lost). I crossed the creek and set up along the edge of a hillside meadow. I figured a turkey might come through the thick stuff along the creek. Read the rest of this entry »


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