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Hand Painted Glass Blown Ornament

If you’re looking for a truly unique Christmas gift, our hand painted glass ornament is a must-have. ¬†For those who have everything, this is a perfect gift.

Celebrate the holidays with our exquisite, hand-painted, Ne’Qwa Art, Peace Cat Ornament. Ne’Qwa describes a centuries-old artistic tradition of hand-painting on the inside of glass. Each piece is painted by an artist using same meticulous technique that captivated emperors and art connoisseurs ages ago. Every ornament is mouth-blown from the highest grade of glass tubing, leaving a small opening in which the artist can insert a brush. Each color is painted separately and must completely dry before a second color can be added. Depending on the complexity of the design, a single creation can take from several hours to several days to complete. Ne’Qwa Art: After all, true beauty comes from within. Treat yourself or send a holiday gift to that special someone.Design by artist Susan Winget; A prolific illustrator and award-winning watercolorist, Susan’s designs capture the timeless nostalgia of country life and a love for traditional values This enchanting, highly-collectible ornament can grace a Christmas tree or be displayed as an individual work of art Finished with a decorative braided cord and tassel, this ornament is designed to coordinate with any home decor Luxuriously packaged in a hand-crafted, wooden, satin-lined, velour presentation case perfect for gift giving. Also includes a certificate of authenticity, art history booklet and gift card

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