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Jump In To This Years Family Vacation!

With summer time approaching fast and the count down to the end of school nears it may be time to start planning a family vacation. There are so many fun things to do with the family during those warm summer days. One of my family’s favorite things to do is rent a houseboat! Every year around the same time we get together a great group of friends and head to Lake Shasta in California. We usually take a week and have fun in the sun boating, fishing and swimming in the cool water.

Shasta is one of the many great places to take out a houseboat as well as enjoy many other activities. Lake Shasta offers visitors a chance to take the boat out for a spin, swim along the shoreline, camp, hike, fish and even tour the Shasta Caverns! Shasta Caverns is a short boat ride across the lake and a quick bus trip up the mountain. There in the mountain is a large selection of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a nice easy walk through the caverns and a great way to spend a hot day, as the caverns are quite cold!

Shasta is fed by four rivers Sacramento, McCloud, Squaw and the Pit River. Most of the year the water is cold and the weather is too, but during the short summer months June through September the water warms up a bit and the weather…gets HOT! We’ve found the June and September are the prime months to visit. During our one trip in July we experienced 114-degree weather and the water was about 85, so even jumping in the lake didn’t cool you down. If houseboating is out of the budget, check out Lake Shasta’s beautiful campgrounds.

This year take the family out! Get the kids away from the television and mom and dad…turn off those cell phones. Enjoy the outdoors, family, friends and relax!

To learn more about Lake Shasta click here to visit their site for reservations and information.


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A Grand Day Out!

Before it gets too sweltering outside, why not plan a trip to see one of America’s greatest wonders, The Grand Canyon! Located smack dab in the middle of Grand Canyon Arizona, the Grand Canyon offers lots to see and do. With the latest addition of the Skywalk, you can view the canyon the way few have done before, straight down! The glass building allows visitors to walk off the edge of the canyon walls and peer straight down one mile to the canyon bottom.

The Grand Canyon was formed by the mighty Colorado River over thousands of years. As one of the wonders of the world it’s a must see! Anything you can see without leaving the US is a great thing. Along with the glass viewing there’s a lot of fun activities for the whole family including hiking, a burrow ride to the bottom, camp outs on the canyon floor and even white water rafting down the great Colorado River.

Find out more information and plan your trip right here!


Get Out! Summer's Just Around The Corner….

Summer is quickly approaching and for most people that means getting back outdoors and back in shape.

Here is a look at our favorite ways to enjoy nature while sheading a couple of pounds. We’ve also included the average calories burned by a 150lb person after doing each activity for 30 minutes.

Rowing or kayaking

Water Skiing


Skating or roller blading

324-594 Depending on speed


Volleyball on the beach

162-180 Depending on speed

288-594 Depending on speed

Playing Frisbee

Horseback riding


Rock climbing
288 Repelling – 396 Ascending

What are you waiting for??

Get outside, enjoy nature, and burn off those winter pounds.


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Rustic Vacation Destinations: Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs, a quaint and exclusive resort nestled amongst the San Juan Mountain of the Colorado Rockies. Once a ghost town this stunning resort is full of unique rustic qualities. Free of life’s technological amenities, the resort offers visitors a way to get in touch with nature and relax on a whole new level. Enjoy your stay in hand-hewn log cabins exquisitely furnished to take you back in time to the days of an old mining camp. Complete with saloon, dance hall, luxury spa and natural hot springs, you can find your own piece of heaven tucked aside one of the worlds most famous mountain range.

Enjoy moonlit walks, horseback rides, stunning views, a tumbling waterfall, a relaxing sit in one of their many natural hot springs and much more. The Dunton Hot Springs resort is a glimpse into the days of mining camps, when life was simple and nature was serene. With a world of activities to enjoy indoors and out, we’re sure that this will be a vacation to remember!

Whether you’re in need of a getaway alone, a honeymoon for two or a family trip, this is the resort for those of us who love the great outdoors. From cozy cabins to two-story lodges, there is the perfect log cabin for every size group. Cabins are fully furnished with rustic and western themed decor allowing you to submerge yourself in the atmosphere of true mountain living.

Visit the Dunton Hot Springs site to get a list of cabins to rent, rates, available dates and activities.


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Protect Your Best Friend From A Potentially Fatal Situation

We love our pets, no doubt about it. We take care of them and do our best to protect them when at all possible. But what happens if your dog or cat is bitten by a Rattlesnake? If you live or frequent areas that have these slithering savages, then a vaccine may be in order.

My family owns a ranch in the hills an hour and a half from a veterinary hospital. As the owner of a boarder collie that herds cattle at our ranch and is VERY active and curious, I knew this vaccine was necessary. The Rattlesnake Vaccine gives my pup a fighting chance should she come in contact with a rattlesnake.

In 2003 Red Rock Biologics created a Rattlesnake vaccine to help dogs and cats build up the antibodies that will ultimately help them to fight off the infection that occurs when bitten. It is not a lifesaver, but it does give them a fighting chance especially in instances like mine where I may not be able to get my dog to a vet immediately.

So if you are in a rattlesnake area where you live, where you hike or walk your dog, where you like to go camping or where you hunt with your dog, then consider this inexpensive vaccine. To learn more about this great vaccine visit Rattlesnake Vaccines For Dogs and talk to your Vet. Shots run about $20 per shot and after the intial shot a booster shot is given within 30 days of the first shot and a booster is given 1-2 times a year depending on how often your pet is exposed. $40 a year can help save your pet from a lot of pain and save you from a very expensive vet bill.


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Gulf Breeze Resort- Gulf Shores Alabama

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then Gulf Breeze Resort is your place. Gulf Breeze is a beautiful RV camp located in stunning Gulf Shores Alabama. Though Gulf Shores was the recent location of a tragic oil spill, reports have given the free and clear for visitors and locals to return and enjoy the white sand beaches and gorgeous tropical scenery.

Gulf Breeze is located a just a short drive North of the Gulf of Mexico. Besides the wonderful beaches that are a hop skip and a jump away, visitors can also enjoy the following:

-Outdoor Shopping
-Water Parks
-Golf (Regular and Mini versions)
-Fishing (shoreline & boat charter)
– Tennis Court
-Pool (Indoors and Out)
-and so much more

And this is just a handful of the fair weather activities to enjoy. When the weather turns chilly, never fear Gulf Breeze Read the rest of this entry »


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Bryce Canyon, Utah- A Snowshoer's Paradise

Located just 5 hours South of Salt Lake City Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a sight to be seen! As the depths of winter approach visitors to the park have the opportunity to see the park in a whole new light. As snow covers the well worn trails amongst Utah’s spectacular hoodoos and bristlecone pines, snowshoer’s find one incredible place to explore. Many snowshoer’s enjoy a night trek by the light of a full moon as a way of discovering the park all over again. With miles of scenic views Bryce Canyon is a great place to visit for snowshoer’s, hikers and camper’s alike. Click on the image above to visit the Bryce Canyon Park site for more information about visiting the park as well as information in the upcoming Winter Festival.


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Scenic Hikes in North America

This is a list of the Top Ten hikes and is just a handful of the many hiking trails that can be enjoyed in North America. Some are short and others would take an entire season to complete. No matter the type of hiker you are and no matter your skill level, there is something here for everyone. Every trail offers a new and exciting experience along with a venture through the various seasons and environments that make up our great country. Click on any of the trail names for a link to more information.

1. Zion National Park – Zion comes from the ancient Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge or sanctuary. Protected within the park’s 229 square miles is a dramatic landscape of sculptured canyons and soaring cliffs. Zion is located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Mojave Desert provinces.

2. Glacier National Park – Glacier preserves over million acres of forests, alpine meadows, and lakes. Its diverse habitats are home to over 70 species of mammals and over 260 species of birds. The spectacular glaciated landscape is a hikers paradise containing 700 miles of maintained trails that lead deep into one of the largest intact ecosystems in the lower 48 states.

3. Yosemite National Park – Yosemite National Park embraces spectacular mountain and valley scenic views in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the California side. Yosemite was elected a national park in 1890. The park harbors a grand collection of meadows, waterfalls, and forests that include groves of giant sequoias, the world’s largest living things.

Read the rest of this entry »


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A Winter Solstice Eclipsed

For any of our readers out there that live in Utah near Bryce Canyon be sure to stop by the park during the Winter Solstice on Tuesday December 21st, 2010. Not only is it winter solstice but there will be a lunar eclipse happening early morning on the 21st (So late night on Monday)! The Bryce Canyon officials are planning a special evening of moon gazing and stargazing above the hoodoos in the park.

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience because the lunar eclipse will not occur during the winter solstice for another 391 years!! Our winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, which will make this night the darkest of them all. The winter solstice is when the earth is the closet distance to the sun out of our 365 days. In turn we have a summer solstice which is the longest day of the year when the earth is the farthest from the sun.

This incredible event will make for one amazing night of stargazing over one of the most beautiful parks in North America. The festivities include a night hike by the light of the moon as you await complete darkness. For more information you can visit the Bryce Canyon website or to read more about this event click here.


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Tips for a Successful Winter Hike

Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your winter hiking experience a bit more enjoyable. Staying warm, dry, hydrated and energetic are all important to having a safe and pleasant hike.

Tip 1
Dress in layers. Choose a number of clothing articles you can take off and put back on independently. Long johns make a great addition under your pants, a pair of waterproof pants are a lifesaver for those snowy hikes.  A tank-top or fitted t-shirt makes a great base layer, followed by a long sleeve or turtleneck, then a light jacket topped with a heavy jacket or a jacket topped with a windbreaker will all help you keep your body temp up and your skin warm and dry.

Tip 2

Remember to cover your head. A balaclava  is perfect for keeping nose and ears protected from wind, snow and rain. A beanie or other insulated hat prevents heat loss from the head, which is a danger during longer winter hikes and key to staying warm. And don’t forget a good pair of gloves or mittens.

Read the rest of this entry »


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