A Comfortable and Rustic Home Office

17 Apr
A Comfortable and Rustic Home Office

Many of us today have an office in our home. Often, we don’t put in as much thought about the decor of this room as we do other rooms in the house. However, having a comfortable and well-designed office can increase the amount of work you’re able to get done each day.

Ideas for a Rustic Home Office:

Office Desk — Instead of using a table, writing armoire, or an ordinary desk with just a couple of drawers, choose a large, wooden executive desk with hand-carved accents and a hand-tooled leather top. Such a rustic piece adds elegance to any decor. Place the desk in front of a window. Face the desk toward the interior of the room, so the window is at your back. This way, you can turn your chair to look outside when you need to, but you won’t become distracted while working. You’ll also immediately notice when someone enters the room, and you can more easily converse with them.

Office Chair — You’ll want a rustic office chair to go with your executive desk. A wooden, leather-padded seat that swivels will match perfectly. Make certain that you have enough room between your desk and the window to comfortably move your chair in and out without bumping the desk or your knees. A chair with armrests is most comfortable, but it needs to fit with the height of the desk to work properly. Choose a chair with sturdy padding that’s durable and will provide adequate support.

Additional Seating — When you’re not at your desk, or someone comes in the room, you’ll want a comfortable chair available. Consider placing a leather club chair with an ottoman in one corner of the office. This second seat will give you a place to relax when you take a break from your work. An extra chair also provides comfortable seating for a family member, guest, or business associate to use while they converse with you.

Storage — Opt for rustic, wooden pieces to complete the look of the room. If you have another window in your office, place a bank of small barn wood file cabinets underneath, letting them span the width of the window. On each side, place one or more wooden bookcases with leather accents to match your desk and chairs. If you don’t have a second window, you can still use this arrangement against a long wall. Choose enough file cabinets and bookcases so that you have enough space to store additional items in the future.

Having a comfortable and rustic office design will delight you and your entire family. Wooden pieces always make a dramatic statement in a room, and leather accents will add a richness that you’ll love. You’ll want to spend more time in your office, and you’ll get a lot more work done in the process.

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