Unique and Rustic Garden Decor

03 Apr
Unique and Rustic Garden Decor

Sometimes we spend so much time decorating the inside of our homes that we forget about our outdoor space, especially the front of our house. If your front area is looking a bit drab, consider adding some rustic garden pieces. Here are a few ideas that will spruce up the front of your home, even if you don’t have a large porch or yard.

Bird Feeder — Feeders comes in many unique shapes and sizes. You can hang one from a tree or an overhang on your porch. Lantern-shaped, bronze feeders are especially gorgeous and rustic looking. Once you hang a feeder, you’ll even discover the joy of watching birds as they happily feed.

Bird Bath — Adding a bird bath to your yard provides a fun gathering spot for your feathered friends to wash and drink. Whether it’s a pedestal, hanging, or sundial bath, this garden piece will add interest to your yard. A bird bath is one decoration that looks good with most any style of home.

Hose Holder — Nobody likes to see a loose garden hose messing up the front of their home. A hose holder is an easy solution to this problem. Select a stylish holder with filigree-type patterns. The intricate weave will create a stunning look while keeping the outdoor area looking neat and clean.

Outdoor Clock — If you have a wooden fence or extra wall space, consider an outdoor clock. Opt for a large, bronze clock that shows the time as well as the temperature. A clock with a unique design will create a focal point for the front of your home that everyone will love.

Decorating the exterior of your house doesn’t take a lot of time or energy. A handful of items, placed carefully, can make a great impression on anyone visiting your home and will also please you and your family when you return home at the end of each day.

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