The Ideal Rustic Bathroom for Your Home

28 Feb
The Ideal Rustic Bathroom for Your Home

If you own a cabin, a lodge, or a home with country decor, you’ll want your bathroom to match the rest of your rustic style. Whether designing a half bath, a guest bath, or a master bathroom, a rustic decor will look great if you keep three necessities in mind — start with a focal point, add a conversation piece, and then finish up with accessories.

Focal Point — Create a focal point by installing a hickory, cedar, or barn wood vanity. You can find these vanities in various sizes to perfectly fit any space. Such a design is a piece of art and adds immediate interest to your bathroom. Over the sink, hang a log mirror that matches the wood of your vanity to finish the look.

Conversation Piece — Delight your family, friends, and guests with a truly unique and rustic look in your bathroom. Install a log towel bar. A towel bar goes unnoticed in most bathrooms. This one will become a conversation piece! Even though made of logs, such towel bars retain a sophistication that will please everyone.

Accessories — Lastly, add accessories to match your rustic theme. Consider customizing a wastebasket and tissue cover by selecting to display the type of wildlife that you love most. A country bath set — consisting of a lotion dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and a tumbler — will complete the stylish look.

With the number of options available to homeowners, you can easily create a rustic bathroom that’s fun, casual, or even quite elegant. For more ideas on various types of rustic bathroom designs, please contact us today. We specialize in unique Rocky Mountain rustic decor for all areas of your home!

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