Christmas Fireplaces and Rustic Decor

21 Nov
Christmas Fireplaces and Rustic Decor

With cold weather already knocking on your cabin door, it may be a good time spruce up the trusty fireplace. If you haven’t done so already, make sure that the fireplace and chimney have been properly cleaned of any built up soot.  There are cleaning logs that, when burned clear up dangerous creosote. Though, if your chimney needs more intensive cleaning, you can always contact a chimney sweep service.

Once you’ve properly cleaned the fireplace and chimney, you can always add some special touches, especially with Christmas rapidly approaching. While anytime is a good time to gather around the fire, Christmas may be the best time. There’s holiday story time, drinking hot chocolate, and of course hanging your stockings on the mantle. The fireplace is also a wonderful setting for Christmas pictures and opening gifts.

One effective but easy way to freshen up your fireplace is by adding a new screen. Not only does it shield small children and pets from the flames, it adds a decorative touch that can freshen up the entire room. A new hearth rug and fireplace back and also add a fresh, new look.

While fireplaces are quintessential to rustic decor they can cause the room to feel a bit dry, not a feeling you want especially if you have a live Christmas tree in the same room. A steamer is a wonderful alternative to humidifiers. They’re much more decorative than humidifiers, as they come in a variety of styles and colors, making them enhance the room rather than detract from it.  You can also add potpourri for a lovely, holiday scent.

Christmas is a busy time, so let us help you make special memories with your family and friends.


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