If you love the Old West, imagine how much you would enjoy having a western-looking saloon right in your own home. You, your family, and all of your friends and neighbors will fall in love with therustic decor and want to gather often at your home for drinks and lively conversation.

Whether you have a spare room to use for your saloon, an empty space in your family room, a section in your basement, or some other appropriate spot, setting up your saloon is easier than you might think. Simply use the proper, rustic decor when recreating your Old West gathering spot.

Here are a few ideas for recreating the look of a western saloon:

Bar Area

The first step is to decide on the bar itself. You can go large or small with your bar, depending on space. For a larger set up, consider a barnwood bar with a foot rail to bring back the true look of the Old West. For a smaller set up, a frontier bar is a good choice with its antique wagon wheel design. You can leave the front of the bar open for optimal standing space or choose any rustic, backless set of bar stools for more comfort.

Other Seating

If you have the room, setting up additional seating near your bar area will make your saloon look more inviting. One or more octagon tables made from reclaimed wood with matching chairs will give you an area to play cards or board games or just a comfortable place to sit for drinks and snacks.


No western saloon would be complete without the proper accessories. Set a mini whiskey barrel atop your bar for a more authentic look. Fill the nearby walls with vintage signs and wall art. Include abarnwood rack on the wall to give your friends a place to hang their coats. A personalized wine barrel sign will complete the look.

With very little effort, you can have a fun and unique saloon right in your own home that you’ll use for years to come. Contact us for many more ideas about rustic decor. We specialize in rustic furniture, accessories, lighting, and western art products that can transform your house into a country-style dream home!