Fall Fire and Light

23 Oct
Fall Fire and Light

As the days darken, our minds turn to light in the evenings.  Whether it’s a fire outside or lighting within the home, fall means we want to turn it up.

Brightening the Home

Just because it gets dark earlier doesn’t mean that life stops.  You want to update your lighting so that not only will you have great light, but so your home has new life in the midst of the dying down of the year.

  • Rustic floor lamps will add more specific lighting to wide areas of your room.  As the nights darken, you can light the areas of the room you want.
  • Rustic chandeliers will brighten an entire room.  Banish those dark nights from your home in style.
  • Rustic wall sconces are perfect for adding focal lighting and adding drama to your room.  The lighting will be even more dramatic as the evenings dim.

Personal Lighting in the Home

How cozy is it when you can curl up with a good book as the evening falls?  There’s no better way than with rustic table lamps.  Whether you choose a lamp with a natural element like the Oak Leaf Tri-Base Table Lamp, or the cozy Iron Cabin Table Lamp with a nightlight, a rustic table lamp provides the light and ambience you want at just the right time.

Outdoor Light?

If you want to spend time outdoors in the evenings in the fall, you’ll want light.  As the days also cool, you may want heat too.  The perfect solution?  A Moose and Tree Patina Fire Pit.  Flames will give off the heat and light that we seem to crave in autumn.


Fall is the perfect time to update your lighting and make sure that you have sufficient light for the dark months ahead.  Whether brightening an entire room or reading a book, for indoors or out, make sure you have the right lighting for the job.

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