How to Improve Your Patio with Unique, Rustic Decor

08 Oct
How to Improve Your Patio with Unique, Rustic Decor

If you love the great outdoors, but can’t get out to the country as much as you’d like, and even trips to your local parks and other outdoor activities have slowed due to a hectic schedule, you can still enjoy outside living at home. We spend so much time decorating the rooms in the interior of our homes that we often forget about setting up a comfortable outdoor space. Using unique, rustic decor on your patio will bring visual interest as well as make it feel as if you’re right in the midst of the country, no matter where you live.


The first thing you’ll need to select is proper seating. You don’t have to settle for ordinary chairs though. Rustic stump seating is distinctive and will always draw the eye. For the ultimate in comfort, try a rocking chair or two. If you’re interested in something truly unique, a glider bench made from ancient teak and rustic iron is the perfect addition. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel, breathing in the fresh outdoor air while slowly rocking or gliding back and forth, after a busy day.


So you can enjoy your outdoor space even after dark, you’ll want proper lighting that matches your rustic decor. Post lights or lanterns are a good choice. Select from an antiquated type of style to a more authentic rural style to create the warm ambience you’re looking for. Depending on the design of your patio, outdoor hanging lights are also available, which provide a bit more of an elegant though still rustic appearance. With outdoor lighting, you’re able to enjoy a late-night meal or a get-together with family and friends, or you can simply sit alone and catch up on your reading in a serene atmosphere.


There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your patio even after the sun goes down and when the temperatures start to cool. Utilizing a fire pit will allow you to use your outdoor space for many more hours and days during the year. A stylish fire pit with detailed western cutouts adds more design interest than simply an ordinary fire pit. Choose a fire bowl with a dome for something truly out of the ordinary that will quickly become a focal point and a conversation piece among your neighbors.

Many options exist for creating a rustic patio setting. For more information and ideas, contact us today. We specialize in rustic furniture and accessories, rustic decor, rustic lighting and chandeliers, as well as western and wildlife art products. When you think rustic, think Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. We can supply all of your needs!

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