Inspiration for Your Cabin Bedroom!

16 Sep
Inspiration for Your Cabin Bedroom!

If you’re a cabin owner, you want to make your interior feel rustic, yet comfortable.  You’ll need cabin furniture for your bedroom that fits your style and that of your cabin.  So what kind of bed do you want?  Let’s take a look at some inspiring bedrooms to help you decide.

Glamour in the Woods

If you’re going for glamour, this room delivers.  With a beautiful twig bed, a gorgeous chandelier-style ceiling fan, and an amazing view with a private patio, you’re sure to find some inspiration in this one-of-a-kind bedroom.  A twig bed inserts itself into the atmosphere and declares that it belongs here in a very comfortable way.

Wood Meets Metal

In a light airy cabin, a sweep of metal lifts the room in a breezy way.  The curving metal of the bed draws the eye’s attention to the room in a way no other design can.  In addition to drawing the eye, it also doesn’t draw away from the bed itself.  It’s the perfect fusion of structure and style.

Wildlife in the Wild

A wildlife themed bedroom seems almost cliche, but in a cabin, it just works.  How better to bring the outside in?  How inspiring for the rest of your room when you start with a bed that brings nature to the fore? Paired with natural materials like wood or stone, it’s hard to imagine a wildlife bed anywhere else.

We hope you gained some insight with the inspiration we provided today.  There are many styles one can achieve in a cabin, from full-on country, to full-on glamour.  Which one works for you?  When you start with your rustic bed, the rest will fall into place.


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