How we can help your family make the most out of the Dog Days of Summer

26 Aug
How we can help your family make the most out of the Dog Days of Summer

Although it isn’t the most popular season of the year, it is hard to argue against summer being the most anticipated season of the year, especially by the younger generations. So if you have a family, particularly younger children, the anticipation for summer in your home, can be an exciting time.

With so much technology advancement today – both for adults and our children – it is exceptionally difficult for us to find that elusive balance between exploring opportunities those advancements may provide for us, engaging in all the various social networks they’ve brought us and in finding the commitment to shut everything off to ensure that you make time for being a family every day, without the electronic devices and the distractions they create.

Whether you have only one toddler or three teenagers and a college student – even if you don’t have children yet, you are still a part of a family – the time spent with your family are seconds turned into moments that turn into the most cherished of our memories. Those memories turn into photographs in our minds over time and someday turn into all we have left.

That’s why we want to help make those cherished memories with the family that you love, more enjoyable than ever on these long Dog Days of Summer.

There is nothing so passionate as a sibling rivalry and what better way to entertain your afternoons than being outside with your family, playing a competitive game of pool, under a gazebos or tent; with the smell of the BBQ grill teasing your empty stomachs?

And we have everything you’ll need to make that happen.

One of our most beautiful items is a gorgeous barn wood pool table. It’s built with authentic, reclaimed red oak planks, from the tobacco barns of the 1800’s. It also features a clear coat for extra durability. Each piece is individually handcrafted and comes with an eight foot regulation table, one inch thick slate top, and hand sewn leather pockets. The ball sights are standard, featuring antique buffalo nickles. We also offer our limited lifetime warranty on all of our merchandise.

We have several different styles of pool tables, poker tables and chess tables, that would give any yard character and charm. While also encouraging family fun.

Go to and find your favorite today! Add some fun to your Dog Days of Summer. Enjoy the outdoors with those you love.

Go on over to and start making those cherished memories with your family today!!

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