We are in the last dog days of summer and while it has absolutely nothing to do with dogs… August is National Catfish Month. Who knew? We, for one, love to get lost at the lake, toes dangling from the dock and fish nibbling on the line. Yes – here at Rocky Mountain Décor, we love us a good fishing excursion and these fishing themed items are the perfect way to bring your love of casting a line right into your humble abode, celebrating the many outdoor memories of a summer well lived…


Trout Me Out

Give your home or cabin that vintage vibe with this delightful customizable fishing sign. Printed on wood panels, each sign is truly one-of-a-kind and adds the perfect amount of nostalgia to your favorite space.


Lamp of Approval

Shed a little light on a relaxing afternoon with this playful fishing reel lamp. Not only useful but impactful, this little beauty makes a statement all its own and dresses up any corner of the house with that whimsical splash of “back-from-a-day-at-the-lake”.


The Wind in The Windows

Traditional and kitschy, stained glass windows give your home an old-world charm that you simply cannot find in anything else. This beautifully colorful rendition celebrates your love of fly-fishing, your back to the wind and your feet in the water.


Where Do I Sign Up?

Make every day feel like a cabin getaway with this aged, fish-shaped sign that adds an element of vacation-getaway to any room in the house. Whether you place it over your entryway or in your man cave, you’ll love the way this one little item transforms your entire space.


Happy National Catfish Month from Rocky Mountain Décor. May your lake always be filled to the brim, your grill always hot and your line always heavy.