Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer!

05 Aug
Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer!

Remember the old song lyrics, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”? Truer words were never spoken! There’s nothing quite like a lazy summer day spent in the comfort of your own backyard, enjoying the occasional breeze and the sunshine and just being enveloped by an ocean of green. (Our souls long for that green all winter long!)

Yes, the dog days of summer are here at last and the backyard hammock is calling your name … Give in to the urge, let the chores and the errands wait until another day. These long bright summer days won’t last forever and before you know it we’ll be raking leaves and getting ready to hunker down for another cold and snowy winter! So pull out the Adirondacks and the grill, grab a cold lemonade and head outside with that novel you’ve been meaning to finish. While away the afternoon and just savor the moment!

In the evening, fire up the grill, light the patio up and cook a leisurely meal for the family. Afterwards, you can light the fire pit and gather ’round to make s’mores.  The kids love ’em and they’ll bring back sweet memories for you, too. After you’ve spent the entire day ignoring your to-do list and just relaxing by yourself and with the family too, you’ll be refreshed and ready to face the week ahead. Remind yourself that this is not a waste of time! On the contrary it’s essential to your health and well-being. It’s one of the guilty pleasures of summertime! Enjoy it!


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