With summer here, the kids will soon find themselves bored, even with video games and their phones. When that happens, why not host an old fashioned cookout complete with outdoor games?  The fresh air will be good for kids and adults alike and we all know that food tastes better when cooked on a grill.

Games are also better when played outside, even table games like chess, checkers, or cards. Younger kids will enjoy tic tac toe. The games can also add a touch of unique decor when set up inside the home or on the porch. Most come with their own rustic tables or storage cases.

If the kids are a bit too energetic for table games then you can always set up bowling pins, or kid safe horseshoes. You can always create your own variations of the old pin the tail on the donkey game. For instance you can use other animals such as pin the antlers on the deer or the feathers on the duck.

If you’re going to be out past dark, there are all kind of games tailored to dark back yards. You can paint an old ball with glow in the dark paint for kick or dodgeball.  In fact, toys can be painted and used after dark, volleyballs for instance or you can use the paint to create glowing hopscotch or Twister spaces. Painted bottles can be used for ring toss with glow in the dark bands as the rings.  Be creative as you look for glow sticks and paint; you may even find some toys that are already glow in the dark.

Summer is a great time to lay aside the electronics and play some mind strengthening checkers or to just run around the back yard.