Keep The Moose Outisde

19 Jun
Keep The Moose Outisde

Of all the baby wildlife that appear each spring, baby moose are probably the cutest in an ungainly sort of way. They eventually grow from cute to magnificent – although they never quite outgrow that ungainly look.

If the unique look of moose appeals to you, why not add some moose décor to your home this June? If you don’t necessarily want moose inside your house, they’ll look even more at home on a deck, patio, or porch.

A group of friends will find comfortable seats on this 72″ long handcrafted cedar bench decorated with a whole herd of moose cut-outs. If you don’t have the room for a six-foot bench, don’t worry. It also comes in four and five foot lengths.

Do you have a blank wall on your porch that is just crying out for a decorative touch? This moose family wall art will answer that cry. At 42″ long, it will nicely fill even a fairly large blank space. The tender sight of a mother moose gently touching her calf while papa stands proudly by is wonderfully symbolic of the warmth and love of home!

When there’s a nip of chill in the air, but you aren’t ready to go inside just yet, get cozy around this fire pit. It’s handcrafted from cold-rolled steel with a beautiful rust patina that just gets better with age. The durable, heavy-duty steel means you’ll enjoy this fire pit for years to come.

The glow of the fire inside charmingly illuminates the tree and moose cutouts. Those cutouts serve a practical purpose as well as adding charm. They provide the ventilation that will help keep your fire burning warmly. When you’re ready to let the fire go out, just stir the coals with the poker and cover it with the spark screen dome – both included. Also included is a full-size grill so you can BBQ over your fire pit, too.

Oh, and don’t forget to add a moose weathervane to your home. You’ll always know which way the wind blows with this magnificent moose proudly pointing the way. He’ll also give visitors a hint of what to expect at your warmly rustic home!

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