Moose Are Moving in This June!

12 Jun
Moose Are Moving in This June!

It’s June and the moose are moving in! Whatever room of your house you choose, there is a moose just waiting to move in. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, den… There’s a whole herd of moose for that!

Today, we’re going to invite moose to fill that empty spot that keeps you cozy all winter. Yes – we’re talking about your fireplace. The décor that filled that space last fall and winter just doesn’t feel the same without the warm glow of the fire and the dancing reflections of the flames.

A herd of moose will give your fireplace, hearth, mantle, and the surrounding wall a fresh new look this summer. Replace the light from your stilled fire with a pair of wall sconces featuring a moose beside a mountain lake. They come in your choice of three finishes, three glass styles, and two lengths for a lighting solution that’s sure to suit your taste.

moose clock above the fireplace will help you keep track of your summer days – whether they’re extra busy or laid back and lazy. Or maybe you’d prefer a beautiful piece of art above the fireplace, instead. If so, we have several from which to choose.

Silent Waters‘ depicts a bull moose standing in the verge of a lake. Renowned wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester captured this reflective moment. The rustic wooden frame around ‘Bull Moose in the Woods‘ by Marilynn Mason perfectly complements the woodsy feel of her painting.

Wooden wall art is a unique process in which a painting like Daryl Poulin’s ‘Chocolate Moose‘ actually becomes a part of the wood. The color and character of each one’s wood background gives every piece a unique look.

In His Prime‘ is a magnificent sculpture depicting a bull moose at the peak of his power and majesty. Cold cast by the artists at Mill Creek Studios, this fine sculpture is then hand painted in exquisite detail. What a wonderful piece of art to enhance your mantle! Add a fireplace screen featuring a moose browsing in the woods and you’ve instantly changed that yawning hole to another piece of attractive art.

If you decide to keep your new herd of moose around for the winter, you might want to add afireplace match holder made of recycled steel and featuring the silhouette of a magnificent moose. Amoose kindling basket will keep your fire starting materials and a few logs close at hand. Add a set of moose fireplace tools and you’re all set for the cold of next winter!

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