Mother Nature, the Ultimate Rustic Designer

22 May
Mother Nature, the Ultimate Rustic Designer

We define rustic as “of or relating to the countryside; rural”, with ‘plain’ and ‘simple’ being two synonyms occasionally used in its place. But Mother Nature, the ultimate rustic designer, is anything but plain and simple! Click on our Monthly Topic – May to view all the rustic items we create to celebrate her beauty.

Think color and texture, energy and variation. Mother Nature is bountiful, and we make furnishings to draw that bounty into your home. Be bold! Decorate with pieces that reflect what you love about the outdoors! For fun, let’s set up your own special corner and fill it with nature.

Start with a welcoming rocking chair that embraces you at the end of the day. Or anytime you need a quiet moment. Go with great wood, Mother Nature’s most basic element. One of our warmest rockers is the Cedar Rocking Chair with an upholstered seat. The Northern White Cedar frame is a smooth, thick wood, hand-peeled to display the inner warmth of its origin–slow growth through the seasons, trunk to branch to twig. It will last years with a clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish. Decide the theme with your personal choice of color and pattern on the cushion.

Sitting, rocking–time to read and sip. Add a table and lamp. The perfect rustic accessory is our Medina Magazine Rack with Small Side Table. The rack is for materials you’ll read later, and the small table handles your current book and beverage of choice. We make this unique table from “reclaimed ancient teak wagon parts, axe handles and ox yokes!” A Cedar chair with a Teak table? Perfect! Mother Nature loves variation, and mixing is chic!

To save table room, use a floor lamp. We have many choices, but our Ponderosa Floor Lampcontinues the wood flavor of your corner. This iron beauty has hand-wrought pine-cones and branches, and the lamp pole itself looks like a tree truck, complete with roots.  It’s like a tree is growing by your chair!

Accentuate with a cozy rug, a comfortable lumbar pillow, and, for your dog or cat, a colorful pet pillow. Mother Nature will be proud!

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