The Enduring Allure of Craftsman Furniture

08 May
The Enduring Allure of Craftsman Furniture

Craftsman furniture, also known as Stickley furniture, Mission furniture, or more broadly – the Arts and Crafts aesthetic – got its start as a reaction to the mass-produced, overly embellished Victorian aesthetic. Craftsman style furniture is characterized by the use of high quality materials by actual craftsmen, rather than being made on an assembly line. It is also characterized by a minimalist aesthetic that relies heavily on natural components such as wood, metal, and leather.

Craftsman furniture lends itself well to cabin décor because it relies so heavily on the use of natural materials and the feel of “bring the outside in”. To achieve this design aesthetic, Craftsman décor, despite being a modern art movement, looked back in time at Medieval décor for inspiration. Medieval cultures that influence the Craftsman style include: European, Native American, Japanese, and Middle Eastern.

Due to the Medieval inspiration sought by the founders of the Craftsman movement, common themes incorporated into this style are wildlife, forests, and hunting. Each of these themes complements lodge inspired interior design. In fact, owing to the diversity of cultures interwoven into this style, one can feel confident in mixing and matching a cornucopia of different design elements. A very simple example of mixing and matching design elements is using a rough, heavy wooden chair, a Native American style rug and a Tiffany-style light fixture.

The diversity of cultures and materials that inspire this style enables the decorator to be liberal with intermixing metal work, glass, rustic wood, and different fabric textures. The mixture of materials and cultures is what makes this style so cohesive.

The Craftsman style of furnishing and decorating has been popular since the 1860’s! It is safe to say that this décor will always look elegant and inviting in your home. Whether it is a few accent pieces, or an entire home, the Craftsman style is enduring as well as fresh and lively.

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