Rustic Furniture and Decor: 4 Favorite Statement Pieces for Your Country Home

01 May
Rustic Furniture and Decor: 4 Favorite Statement Pieces for Your Country Home

Statement pieces give your house that something special that says “welcome home”. From rustic furniture with all the makings of memories new and old to lighting fixtures with plenty of fascination built in, these 4 statement making items are some of our favorites to make your home feel just a little homier…

Charming Chandeliers

Light up your home with this whimsically rustic chandelier that is perfect for illuminating your wall of hunting trophies. Whether you live in the heart of the Smokey’s or just want to look like you do, this statement making fixture will delight your family and your guests for years to come.

Beautiful Bellows

Keep the home fires burning with this luxuriously backwoods bellow, reminiscent of antique models from the days of your great-great grandparents. Equal parts form and function, this eye catching hearth-side tool will keep the embers of home glowing bright.

Feed-Your-Soul Seating

A touch of the cowboy way can transform your entire yard into a space where gentlemen are still gentlemen and women are still ladies. This imaginative feeding trough garden bench is the perfect place to sit a spell, feed your soul and return to the modern world a little better for it.

Branch Out Birdbaths

“Poems are made by fools like me… but only God can make a tree.” This famous line perfectly sums up the wonder of this beautiful birdbath that blends in with the world around it while still daring to stand out.

No amount of things could ever be what makes your house a home… but filling it with the things you love can help to make the people you love feel a little cozier, a little happier and a little more ready to greet the world with open arms. When you fill your home with the things that represent you… you will come away with a space that feels like the true haven that any mountain home (real or imagined) should be.

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