Cabin Decor for your Bathroom

17 Apr
Cabin Decor for your Bathroom

If you live in a cabin, or want to live in a cabin, then odds are you enjoy the outdoors so much you want to surround yourself with nature.  Aside from living in a cabin or a cabin themed home, there are a few other ways you can commune with nature, even if you live in the city.  With a few simple decor updates, you can create the sense of the outdoors within any room of your home.

The forest often surrounds cabins so look to the trees for inspiration with branch and log themed accessories.  Not only are some practical but they add a rustic and whimsical feel to your space.

An easy room to begin is the bathroom; a wooden log towel bar and a shower curtain with a woodland scene are easy changes and create an instant woodsy feel. Switch out those basic drawer pulls for pine cone or twig drawer pulls.  Lighting pine scented candles will further the forest feel as well as green or brown colored rugs.

Try a mix of the colors or varying shades to look more authentic. Varying the shades will also add a depth to the room while a single color or shade can be overwhelming and make a room look smaller than it actually is.

If you have enough shelving or counter space you can fill glass jars or vases with stones. Or you can take glass toothbrush holders and glue twigs along the outside. Vary the sizes slightly for a more natural look.  If a complete bathtub overhaul doesn’t fit your plans, there are ways to update the tub by applying large flat stones, or water proofed wood planks to the outside.

If you’re looking for a complete remodel, a fresh coat of green or pale brown pain on the walls could further create the forest feel. Wood planks can also be cut and layered unto the walls.  If you’re artist you can paint trees along the wall adding even more to the cabin decor.

Rustic vanities can be installed as well in a variety of finishes to match any other woodwork in your bathroom. For more information on rustic bathroom decor, feel free to browse our site.


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