Three Tips for Unique Decor

20 Mar
Three Tips for Unique Decor

Everyone loves having unique decor. There is something special about knowing that your home is as individual as you are. Once you find something unique, how do you keep your home looking put together and thought through? Here are three tips you help you have unique decor in your home.

Stick to a Color Palate – The easiest way to have a cohesive feel in a room is to have a color palate. Have a group of colors that all go together and choose items that go in that room based on your predetermined palate. The great thing about this is that you can have different palates for each room. This doesn’t limit you decorating options, but channels them to help you have a put together looking room.

Simplicity – Don’t over stuff your home with as many things as you think it can handle. Choose wisely a few things to add flair here and there. For example, don’t completely fill a bookcase with knickknacks, choose two or three of your favorites to display.

Pick What You Love – This might be the most important tip. You are one of a kind and so is your personal taste. Use that taste to create a place that represents who you are. While you should look to other sources for inspiration and ideas, ultimately come back to yourself to make any final decisions.

Whether it’s a Bear Tooth Chandelier or an Oak Leaf Lamp, having something unique in your home makes it feel more like it’s your special place.

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