Add a Little Romance to your Home with Rustic Decor

14 Feb
Add a Little Romance to your Home with Rustic Decor

Ah, February. The nights are still long and cold, but romance is in the air. Rustic decor will add that cozy, romantic ambience for you and your Valentine.

Setting the mood always starts with lighting.  One key to achieving soft, warm light inexpensively is by using rustic lampshades. Mica Lamp Shades add that golden pleasant glow you’re looking for and are available in different shapes and sizes. You can set the stage for romance with the Hand Painted Faux Calf Skin shade, which is available for you to order in your choice of several different images. Or, you can add a splash of romantic whimsy with a gorgeous Foliage-decorated shade.

Whether or not you actually live in a cabin or country home, it is easy and affordable to make your bedroom feel like a secluded vacation getaway with your Valentine. Rustic bedding and linens are a great place to start. From entire ensembles, to sheets, blankets and quilts, we have a fantastic array of themes, styles and colors to choose from. Our bedding is top-quality, and made to last. The Wooded River Bear Collection in deep red and accented with black silhouettes, or the Bessie Gulch Ensemble with its warm tones and tasteful Western patterns are just two of the many possibilities for transforming your bedroom into a relaxing, rustic sanctuary.

At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality items and customer service second to none. We make it easy to treat yourself and your partner to a fantastic, romantic retreat without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

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