The Characteristics of Handmade, Quality Furniture

17 Jan
The Characteristics of Handmade, Quality Furniture

Handmade furniture with high-quality details is often overlooked in our high-tech society. People quickly browse furniture online and visit large retailers to make their decor decisions. However, finding well-made furniture may require an eye for certain details.

Here are some characteristics of great handmade furniture:

1. The Look and Feel of Handmade Furniture

Search for handmade furniture that has a high level of quality in construction and design. Attention to detail is evident in the wood choice and the sturdiness of the piece. Some pieces of furniture have artistic knots and textures while others have smooth finishes. Choose furnishings that match other textures at your home – such as log details or forest-themed decor.

2. The Styles of Handmade Furniture 

Look for quality country furnishings handmade with care. Certain furniture designers and furniture builders have an in-depth knowledge of which types of wood to use for tables and chairs. Different wood materials may be appropriate for outdoor use, compared to indoor use. For example, the Rocky Mountain Garden Bench made with vintage teak has a distinctive, sturdy natural appeal.

Other wood choices for handmade furniture include cherry wood, pine, and cedar. While cherry wood has a reddish tone, cedar furniture tends to have a lighter color (depending on the stain). It’s also important to compare the prices of different wood furnishings so that you choose furniture that matches your budget. Whichever wood type you choose, study the curves, edges, and overall design of the furniture.

3. Ergonomics of Furniture

Quality hand-made wood furniture can be surprisingly comfortable. Just because it’s made of solid wood, doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit people’s needs. For example, many carefully made wood chairs have the ideal back angle to help you feel at ease. The seats of many rocking chairs are luxuriously soothing. It’s common for well-respected furniture makers to have years of practice and study. The usefulness and attention to detail of hand-made solid wood furniture make quite a statement in home decor.

It’s amazing to think about the extensive amount of time some furniture makers devote to their craft. While it usually costs more than mass-produced furnishings, quality handmade furniture offers beautiful details. People enjoy living with handmade wood furniture for many years, and perhaps even give some of the items to their children as they grow older.

Based in New Hampshire, Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor features carefully selected country furnishings. To learn more about choosing furniture, keep reading our blog.

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